Wooden Grinders Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

What is a Wooden Grinder?


A wooden grinder is used to crush or break apart herb, pills, or other substances that need to be broken apart. They have been around for many years and are just as resourceful as the metal grinders. The wood has an authentic appearance that displays the grain of the wood. It has been used by people around the globe to rip apart herbs or other items to turn them into a smaller texture. This allows the herbs to be used more naturally and without waste. The grinder comes in 2 sections that connect together. The top section can be removed to place the herb into the bottom section. Once the top section of the lid is placed on the bottom, it can begin to grind of the herb. To being this process, take both parts and twist back and forth several times to ensure that the herb is broken up. The wooden crusher is equipped with teeth or spikes that act like teeth that tear apart the herb. Once this is complete the herb can be used more efficiently and will last longer than using whole. There are a variety of wooden grinders on the market to choose from. They come in different shapes, texture, and color to offer a variety of choices for users to purchase.

Wooden Grinder

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Wooden Herb Grinder Classic


The Wooden Herb Grinder Classic is a naturally crushing device that has become popular over the years. The grain of the wood gives it a warm cozy feel. The dark stain brings out the texture of the wood that the grinder is made out of. It is a round circular piece that comes in two sections. The top and bottom pieces set on top of each other and connect without flaw. It is an elegant piece of wood that provides a fast and convenient way to rip apart herbs. The grinder can save a lot of time because it does not take but a few minutes to rip apart herbs. It is remarkably convenient and allows the herbs to be used immediately after grinding.


Features of the Wooden Herb Grinder


The wooden herb grinder has several features that make it stand out. There are different shapes and sizes of a grinder, but this one is a beauty. The wood shines and has a glossy look to it. The lines in the wood are extremely prominent and it looks like it is one piece instead of two. Once the top is removed it can be placed back on the bottom to appear that it is a solid piece. The wooden grinder has several features that make it stand out among the rest of the grinders on the market.




The featured design of the herb grinder is elegant with natural markings and grain lines in the wood. It has an oval, round shape with a slight overhang around the top and bottom sections. The pieces fit snug together and resemble a unique piece of beautiful wood art. The construction of the grinder was made to hold and twist with ease. It has an amazing design structure.




There are pieces of thick metal that resemble teeth. These teeth are made into the grinder to cut up the herb into fine pieces. The top and bottom of the grinder is turned in a back and forth motion to rip apart the herb into small sections. When the two pieces are held together, the teeth are able to rip into the herbs to create smaller pieces for easier usage.




The grinder device is a convenient item to have in the home. It works great to crush and rip herbs into smaller chunks. Without a grinder to use, separating herbs would be time-consuming. The size of the grinder is small and convenient to take with you. It can easily be displayed without looking like a herb grinder. The shiny appearance is convenient because it looks too elegant to be a herb grinder. Herbs can be crushed and ripped apart with just a few twists.


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  • It works great grinding up the herb
  • Can grind a packed amount of herb at one time
  • It is easy to use and grinds the herb into fine pieces
  • It looks beautiful and the teeth work wonderfully
  • The grinder is everything I expected and is durable
  • The item is shipped in a plain package to keep your package private
  • There are many teeth that are used to crush up the herbs and they do a good job
  • This grinder has a nice appearance and does not look like it is a two-piece grinder
  • It takes little effort to use and grinds up the herbs in just a few seconds



  • The grinder is not as big as I had hoped it to be
  • Nothing to keep the grinder together when turning it over

FAQ on the Wooden Grinder


Q: Can the grinder cut up the stems and seeds?

A: Probably not, because the teeth may become weak or break.

Q: Does the grinder come discretely when shipped?

A: Yes, it comes in a small envelope that is white.

Q: When using the grinder, were there shavings from the metal teeth left in the herbs?

A: No, there were no metal shavings left in the herbs after grinding had occurred.

Q: Is the grinder able to be used for a variety of “herbs”?

A: The grinder is able to be used for herbs and works well.




The Wooden Grinder is a nice-looking item to own. It is designed to crush herbs into smaller sections which are a time-saving option to have. It has many great features that reflect the durability, convenience, teeth grinding ability and lovely design style. The grinder seems to work as it should with minimal issues. People who have used this item have appreciated the low price and the wood grain appearance. The size of the grinder appears to be what people are looking for when purchasing a herb grinder. The item fits perfectly together, which assumes a solid wooden piece. It is not until the top and bottom pieces are separated that you can tell it is an actual grinder.

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