Phoenician Grinder Review

A grinder speeds up the process of separating dry herbs and easily simplifies the need to conserve the herbs when finely grounded. There are different grinders on the market. This article provides the Phoenician grinder review.

When one is using their bare hands in pulling the herbs, the plant matter and the pollen tend to stick on the fingers. Using a grinder makes the process of packing in a rolling paper of tight bowl simple and easy, at the same time the herbs are exposed to less oxygen. This means that the herbs will burn less before one inhales increase the flow of air.

phoenician grinder review

A grinder gives the smoker more control over how smoothly or how quickly or even how slowly the herbs burn. A grinder also acts as a storage container for small quantities of dried herbs. There are a variety of grinders on the market, but nothing beats the Phoenician grinder.

Benefits of the Phoenician Grinder

A Phoenician grinder is one of the greatest investment that a frequent smoker can make. The Phoenician grinder is a unique grinder with inbuilt features and a more creative design, compared to the traditional grinders in the market.

The design is eye-catching yet sophisticated and is affordable. Below are some of the reasons the Phoenician is the best grinder that money can buy.

Top-Quality Material

Top-Quality Material

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The Phoenician is an American made product is made from aircraft grade aluminum that is tested to give top notch quality material. Most grinder manufacturers do not use the de-burn process, but it is prompt for the Phoenician engineers.

They put their grinders through a de-burn process which ensures that there is the removal of sharp flakes that tend to end up in the product later on. The de-burn not only is it used to remove sharp flakes, but also, to get expertly inspected to ensure that all shred are removed, making the product safe for human use.

The product also uses magnets that are used both by the elite model owned by the Phoenician grinder and the standard patterns in the market.

Unparalleled Design

Unparalleled Design

The Phoenician grinder is an innovative non- threaded closure system which is also known as locking notch closure system which requires the users to get to it. The closure system feature is an important part of the grinder since it is much easier to handle for users who have weak hand strength.

The closure system makes it easy for them to use. The outer part of the grinder has a knurl grip style which tolerates the ease to open the grinder when placing the herbs in the grinder and also when removing them. This is accommodative to marijuana patients that find it difficult using other grinders that exempt this feature.

Different designs and shapes of grinder come with different teeth design. For the Phoenician grinder, the teeth are sharp enough with curved blades both on the top and the bottom. This creates sort of a rotating scissors effect during the cutting action.

Another incredible feature of the Phoenician grinder is that the grinder removes about 50% of the grinder’s teeth to allow adequate room during the grinding process compared to an average grinder.

The reason behind this is that the chamber created reduces the friction of the herbs when grinding. Therefore, the grinder increases the strength while offering a smoother cut off the herbs. Since the teeth do not rub against each other, the grinder can last longer than most brands in the market.

The Phoenician grinders not only come with different designs and shapes but also in various colors. The products are fitted to suit your needs with value for money.

Superior Performance

The performance of the product is great to ensure the job is perfectly done. The grinders are well structured and designed for easy cuts and fine products. The design also allows nice and ease the grip of the grinder for ease during the grinding process.

The performance and the design of the product were well executed with the patients of the mind.

The pollen catcher

The Phoenician grinder has a stainless steel pollen catcher that is perfectly sized to the grinder and can be easily removed and replaced. This feature is only available in the Phoenician, grinder since other brands ignore this feature.

The pollen catcher is valuable since it helps conserve the leftovers in the grinder. The pollen catchers is a bowl-like design, which is fitted to help the user to remove easily and return it to its rightful place.

For hygiene purpose, one can choose to remove and replace it, or even give it a proper rinse when the screen gets gross.

Great Warranty

The Phoenician grinder ensures the fits grinder you buy, be the last you ever bought. It offers a lifetime warranty that covers all other functions apart from those of denting the outlook of the grinder or the over-scratching of the finish. All the other aspects of the grinder are fully covered with backing from the company.

Although the product comes with brilliant features that ensure the work is effectively done, the product has a few flaws that wouldn’t go unaddressed in this Phoenician grinder review. To begin with, the Phoenician grinder is a bit noisy and sounds “tinny” during the rotation process that gets the grinding of the herbs done.

However, this fault is understood due to the lighter weight material that is used to make it. This is bound to happen. Also, the price of the product may cause potential customers to overlook the product even thou it is effective.

On the flips side, this product assures the user of excellent performance, top notch design that is a must have the innovation to make the herbs grinding process more sophisticated for a budget friendly price.

Frequently Asked Questions

l Why is it more expensive than the other types of grinder?

Unlike most grinders, the Phoenician grinder is made from premium products. It lasts around three times longer than most of the other grinders.

l How long do the blades remain sharp?

The blades are premium military grade and should last for years even with frequent use. This is one of the benefits of the Phoenician grinder over other products.

l Can I replace the blades when they wear out?

Due to how long the grinder lasts the best recommendation is buying a new one. However, there are some replacement blades that one can buy to swap with those that are worn out.


  • Very solid build with strong structure
  • Very sharp teeth ensure that the buds are shred and not squished
  • Very large kief compartment
  • American build so helps in employment creation


  • Some kief builds up between the compartment
  • The ridges sometimes do not line up


The Phoenician grinder review has shown that there are available in different varieties and design and some of the available products in the market include the copper grinder, 24 karat gold plated Phoenician grinder, all with different features, performance, and design. This is truly one of the best grinders available on the market.


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