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Many people are in the market for excellent grinders, and the Mendo Mulcher grinder is one of the best that people are going to find today. In an environment where the demand for this sort of product is increasing and a new market is emerging, a lot of people are interested in being able to participate for the first time. As such, the products in this niche are going to vary widely in quality. People are also frequently going to need to go to hobbyist websites in order to find honest reviews. However, this is a grinder that truly will give people the results that they need. For many people, all that really matters is the condition of the herbs when they are finally ground, and the Mendo Mulcher is truly able to deliver in that regard.

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Benefits of the Mendo Mulcher Grinder

Superior Grinding Capabilities

When it comes to grinding, there are certain objective standards that can indicate whether or not a given product is going to be high-quality. For one thing, people should look at the number of teeth. Even the sharpest and cleanest teeth are only going to be so effective if there aren’t enough of them. The Mendo Mulcher has a shocking eighty-eight sharp teeth. Many similar grinders on the market are only going to have around forty teeth or so. As such, customers will find that their herbs will become very finely ground as a result of the Mendo Mulcher’s action.


Lids That Are Magnetized

Due to the magnetism, the lids are going to hold much more securely than most other lids. The magnetism also allows the lids to hold securely without any additional features. The magnetism is easy to disrupt when necessary, of course, which is going to make the process of cleaning the lids and putting everything together and taking everything apart much easier as well. The magnets are not going to get lost either, since they are positioned to be set into the grinder. People can get the convenience of the magnetism with the Mendo Mulcher grinder without having to worry about anything connected with the physical parts of the magnets themselves.

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The Mendo Mulcher really stands out when it comes to durability. Many of the grinders that people can find on the market are made from very cheap materials. The cheap materials are going to degrade much more quickly, particularly if they are used frequently. Many of the people who use grinders are going to need finely chopped herbs frequently, and they’re going to need products that will be able to fully accommodate their needs. The Mendo Mulcher grinder really is going to last for a long time. The high-quality aluminum composite materials were truly formulated to last. Since the screens were set into the grinder, the entire setup of the grinder should probably last for a comparatively long time. People are not going to have to worry about the screens becoming unattached all of a sudden as a result of bad adhesive.



  • The grinder has eighty-eight teeth and produces a very finely chopped finished product.
  • The teeth are somewhat angled, which means that they are going to cut the herbs more effectively.
  • The angle of the teeth should also make them safer for people to use in general.
  • The lids are magnetic, and so are easier to handle and the overall product is easier to put together and to take apart.
  • The lids of the Mendo Mulcher have a good grip pattern.
  • The screens were not attached using glue: they were set into the grinder.
  • While the screens are set into the grinder, they are still relatively easy for people to remove.
  • Given the design of the teeth, people can expect herbs that have a finely chopped consistency.
  • The Mendo Mulcher is capable of delivering great kief production.
  • The Mendo Mulcher was made in the United States.
  • This is a grinder that is tremendously solid, both in terms of its appearance and the fact that it is so durable.
  • The grinder has a lifetime warranty attached, and people are not going to have to worry about the consequences of purchasing it as a result.
  • This is a grinder that is still going to look new after around five years or so.
  • The design of the grinder is such that people are not going to have to worry about their herbal products being wasted at all.
  • The grinder has a very stylish and polished look that a lot of people are going to appreciate for themselves.



  • The portion of the grinder that holds the teeth attaches into the area where the grounds are stored, so the grounds can be harder to reach and the process of harvesting everything can be tricky.
  • The design and the large number of teeth can make the grinder difficult to clean, which needs to be done frequently with these devices for the sake of a good herbal finished product.
  • The grinder itself is sometimes considered too small, given its design.
  • Some people might think that the grinding process is too slow.



The Mendo Mulcher is a truly excellent grinder. It is true that people might have a somewhat cumbersome time with the cleaning of the device, and it might be difficult for them at first when they are harvesting their finished herbal products. However, for many people, the fact that the herbal product is so good in the first place is what matters, and that is what people can truly expect with the Mendo Mulcher. People will vary in terms of their preferences and their concerns. However, this is a device that addresses most of the concerns that people have about devices like these. It lasts for a long time, it cuts the herbal products effectively, and the lids and screens are integrated into the device very well. The Mendo Mulcher grinder should work for most customers.

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