How to Smoke From a Bowl

Smoking from a bowl is often considered to be one of the easiest ways to smoke marijuana. Learning how to roll a joint or make a blunt takes more time, effort, and practice. Bowls use the marijuana more efficiently than joints or blunts. When smoking from a joint or blunt, oftentimes a good amount of the marijuana is wasted when it gets burned down to your fingertips.

What is a bowl?

What is a bowlUnderstanding what a bowl is and how it works is the first step to learning how to smoke from a bowl. A bowl is attached to the end of a pipe or bong and is where the substance is placed. It is most common to use a bowl for smoking cannabis.


What are pipes?

A pipe is essentially a tube with a bowl at the end. Many people envision a traditional tobacco pipe when asked to envision a pipe. Although pipes and herbs are interchangeable, it is ideal to use a tobacco pipe for tobacco and a marijuana pipe for marijuana.

A tobacco pipe has a bigger bowl than marijuana pipes do. The bowl will be visibly deeper and wider than bowls on pipes specific for marijuana. This is because tobacco gets packed into the bowl tighter than marijuana does.

The stem on a tobacco pipe is also much thinner than the stem on a marijuana pipe. The stem is the tube that connects the bowl to the mouth. A narrower stem has the risk of being clogged with marijuana, which is not a concern when smoking tobacco.

Most tobacco pipes do not have a hole in the bowl, called the carb. Almost every marijuana-specific pipe will be equipped with a carb.

A carb has a variety of different names in different communities. Some of these include rushole, shotgun, shotty, kick hole, bink, rush, or carburetor. The carburetor is the technical full name of the carb, but there is a general consensus that it is simply shortened down to carb.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the purpose of a carb. Almost every bowl that is made for marijuana has one, yet many smokers do not know how to correctly use it. The carb is often either on the left or right side of the bowl but is sometimes on the bottom.

The carb is used to trap smoke in the pipe when smoking and release some of it if desired. It helps control airflow and gives the user more control over the size of their hit. A hit is an inhalation on the pipe.

These differences in pipe design are there for specific reasons. Tobacco and marijuana do not burn the same way and are not smoked in the same way. While it is possible to smoke marijuana on a tobacco pipe and vice versa, it is recommended to get a substance-specific pipe. Occasionally, a marijuana pipe is simply referred to as a bowl.

Marijuana pipes are most commonly made out of glass. There are some pipes made out of wood, similar to a tobacco pipe, but these pipes are not recommended. A wooden pipe tastes worse than a glass pipe. A glass pipe tastes like weed, where a wooden pipe tastes like wood.

Glass pipes are also considered superior because they don’t heat up in the same way wooden pipes do. Some people use metal pipes, but these will heat up even faster and will likely burn the user. With glass pipes, the bowl is the main area to avoid touching due to heat, but the mouthpiece seldom becomes too hot to use.

Glass pipes do not emit fumes or vapors like other materials do. For example, smoking wood pipes will get you methane in your smoke as well as the weed. There are other harmful chemicals that can be inhaled with metal, ceramic, or wooden pipes. When smoking glass pipes, the only thing you smoke is the marijuana.

Marijuana leaves behind resin when smoked. Some people like to scrape this resin out of their pipe and proceed to smoke it. The resin contains significantly less THC than marijuana does, but it is possible to smoke it to get high. Resin does contain high levels of tar which is dangerous when smoked regularly. However, occasionally smoking resin can get someone high when in a pinch.

Getting resin out of a glass pipe is much easier than other pipes. The glass makes scraping the resin out easier.

Glass pipes also come in a wide variety of colors and fun designs. Many people like glass pipes simply for aesthetic reasons. If looking to purchase a glass pipe, try and choose one that has thick glass. Thicker glass makes it less likely for the pipe to break.

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What are bongs?

What are bongs

The most basic way to describe a bong is that it is a larger and more complicated pipe. A bong is considered one of the best ways to smoke marijuana because they allow for larger and ‘cleaner’ hits. Many people consider smoking out of a bong to be a smoother and more enjoyable experience overall.

Although bong is probably the most common name for this device, it has other names. These include water pipe, billy, moof, or bing. A bong has some similarities to a hookah, but they are not the same device. Bongs are often smaller and more portable than hookahs.

A bong is made up of more different parts than a pipe. The bowl and the carb are similar to the pipe, although the bowl is often larger and shaped differently. The downstem is the tubing that carries the smoke from the bowl into the base of the bong.

The base is exactly what it sounds like- the bottom of the bong. The base can come in a wide variety of styles and designs, and often decides how the smoke is filtered. Two common types of bases are the bubble base, which looks like a sphere, or a beaker base, which looks like a traditional beaker. Beaker bases have a wider bottom which makes them more stable and able to hold more water than other types of bases.

The tube is the chamber of the bong that fills up with smoke after being filtered. The tube ends with the mouthpiece. There are different features that are sometimes placed inside a tube to add variation to the bong. An example of this would be an ice pinch, which keeps ice inside the tube. This cools the smoke more than just the water, which can be more pleasurable for some people.

Inside of these main sections, there is a percolator, which is different in each individual bong. The percolator is the device that filters the smoke to ensure a smooth hit. The water is often placed in the base of the bong and is used to cool the smoke.


How do I pack a bowl correctly?

 Learning how to pack a bowl is not too difficult. It requires a little trial and error, but it should be an easy skill to pick up. Packing a bowl is the term used to describe putting marijuana or another substance into the bowl of a pipe or bong.

It is critical to always make sure that your piece is clean. This does not mean that you have to clean your piece every time you want to smoke, but that you should keep an eye on it.

Not having a clean piece can make it difficult to smoke as well as making the smoke taste terrible. Marijuana will quickly create a resin that lines your bowl and piece. With pipes that have small clumps, you can use a pipe cleaner or even a toothpick to clear them away. Bongs can be approached similarly, but there is more surface area for the resin to form. For a deeper clean, a version of an alcohol and salt cleanse may be a good place to start.

Marijuana does not need to be packed into the bowl tightly. The first step is to break your marijuana down into small bits but not too finely ground. It should not be a powder. There are many ways to break marijuana down, but the easiest is with a grinder. It can also be done by hand.

Before putting the marijuana into the bowl, it is important to have a larger piece of bud or a stem to put at the bottom. This blocks the marijuana from falling out of the piece or you from inhaling ashes. There are screens made to do this job as well, and they are a wise investment. Using a screen will guarantee a good smoke as well as keeping your piece cleaner.

When beginning to fill the bowl with marijuana, lightly place it on the bottom. At the top, it can be packed in at a denser rate. The dense marijuana will have a higher chance of staying lit, and the lightly packed marijuana keeps the airflow consistent and prevents clogging. You do not have to use this method, but this method of packing a bowl provides a consistent and even smoke.

This method of packing a bowl is applicable to pipes as well as bongs.

How do I smoke a bowl?

When you are lighting marijuana in a bowl, using a lighter is preferred over matches because you will have to relight multiple times. Before lighting, make sure to cover the carb with one of your fingers, often the thumb. Put the lighter to the very edge of the bowl and only keep it on until it’s lit. This means that you may have to hold the lighter over the bowl for a bit of time. Your inhalation will keep it going during the entirety of your hit.

Lighting the edge of the bowl is commonly considered to make the hit taste better. It is also considered good etiquette when smoking with multiple people.

Keep inhaling until enough smoke has been inhaled to satisfy you, and release your finger from the carb. Inhale the remaining smoke to clear the piece. If you need a break from inhaling, you can cap the bowl. Capping the bowl means covering the bowl with something to make sure smoke doesn’t escape when you take a break. Some people do this with their hand, but this can burn you. When using a bong, covering the mouthpiece when taking a break will preserve the smoke from escaping.

This technique is applicable to both bongs and pipes. When smoking a pipe, it is fairly intuitive. Place your lips tightly around the mouthpiece and inhale. Bongs are a bit more difficult for beginners but easy to get the hang of. The mouthpiece of a bong is much larger than that of a pipe. Your lips go inside the mouthpiece, not around it. Keep a firm seal between your mouth and the mouthpiece so air cannot escape.


To Conclude

Smoking marijuana is an enjoyable and overall safe practice. Many people are interested in learning how to smoke a bowl. Learning how to smoke from a bowl is a fun and fairly simple endeavor that anyone can enjoy. There are a plethora of reasons to learn how to smoke a bowl, from the ease of use to cost efficiency. Smoking a bowl is applicable to both pipes and bongs, which are often used for social smoking. Knowing how to properly light a bowl and smoke it opens the door to new friendships and relationships.

Smoking marijuana out of a bowl is considered to get you the most bang for your buck because it doesn’t waste any of the marijuana. In some instances, it is possible to smoke the resin remaining in your piece to get another high out of the product.

Overall, learning how to smoke a bowl is one of the easiest ways to consume marijuana as well as one of the most cost efficient.


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