Different Types of Grinders

There are lots of different types of grinders for weed these days. Weed is part of a very real emerging market, due to the changing legal situation surrounding this very popular herbal remedy. The different types of grinders are going to give people a very different performance in some cases, although many of them are still going to be comparable in terms of quality.

Different Types of Grinders

Grinder Cards

Grinder Cards

Grinder cards are some of the most convenient weed grinders that most people would ever imagine, since they are the size, shape, and thickness of debit cards. They also work a lot like graters for cheese, so people are going to be able to use them manually in a way that is really going to be convenient for them. These are weed grinders that are unbeatable when it comes to portability, since they will literally fit in a person’s wallet. They are also some of the easiest weed grinders to clean that most people are going to find. They should work well enough for most products.


Wooden Grinders

Wooden Grinders

It’s hard to beat wooden grinders when it comes to their decorative nature. A lot of them have lovely and delicately carved designs on their lids that will really manage to liven up a room. They fit in with people who have a positive image of weed in general. While bacterial contamination is always more of a problem with anything made with wood, wooden grinders can still deliver a great performance when it comes to processing a person’s store of weed. Many of them are also relatively inexpensive compared with a good portion of the other weed grinders that are on the market these days.

Plastic/Acrylic Weed Grinders

Composite Plastic Grinders

Plastic Grinders

Many composite plastic grinders are known for the fact that a lot of their blades are very sharp. It is going to be easy for most of them to effectively process weed of all kinds. While some people doubt that composite plastic material can produce results comparable to what they would experience when it comes to metal grinders, many of the composite plastic grinders really are good enough for this purpose. They should also be relatively easy to clean, and they are not going to be prone to rust, which is a problem for some metallic devices in different cases.


Acrylic Grinders


Acrylic grinders are much stronger than they look. Acrylic is a material that can be made to be strong or flexible, and the acrylic used in acrylic grinders will typically be very strong indeed. These grinders are typically going to be held together through the use of a magnet, and that means that people are going to have a relatively easy time assembling them and disassembling them if the occasion presents itself. Acrylic grinders have the advantage of also being relatively inexpensive compared to some of their metallic counterparts, and yet their performance is comparable.

Metal Grinders

Titanium Metal Grinders


Titanium is a popular metal for weed grinders. This is largely due to the fact that it is easy to fashion titanium into very sharp sets of teeth. Since the teeth of these grinders will be very sharp, it is going to be easier for people to get finely chopped and processed weed. Titanium is less dense and lighter than it looks as well, and that is going to create a situation where these nice grinders are more portable than many people would expect. They might be costlier as well, but it might be worth it for some customers.


Aluminum Metal Grinders


Aluminum metal grinders have a lot of advantages when it comes to durability. They are usually going to be able to last people a long time, provided they are regularly cleaned. Almost all metal grinders are going to deliver particularly great performances when it comes to finely processing and chopping up the weed itself. These are grinders that are capable of storing kief, making them even more convenient than a good portion of the others that are available today. Aluminum metal grinders are more expensive than some of the others that people are going to find on the market. However, they are still going to have a lot to offer, so some customers might not care.





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