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What is Kief, What to Do with It and How to Make Hash from It

What is Kief? When it comes to kief, many don’t know what it is. Then, there are people who do, but don’t know what to do with it. Well, in this explanation of kief, you will learn how to utilize it, and understand where it comes from.

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What is Kief

The word kief itself is derived from the Arabic word kayf. This means well-being or pleasure. You will learn why in the next few sentences. The marijuana plant must reach maturity for its growth cycle trichomes to be formed. These are formed on the leaves and buds of the plant and once formed, they are what you will now know as the kief. This will probably be good news to you, as this is where most of the THC is located. It is concentrated into this area of the plant, and has the highest levels of THC than in any other section. So, this being the area where most THC is located, it is highly valued by it’s audience and that leaves them to be able to utilize without damaging it.

What is Kief, What to do with Kief and How to make hash from Kief
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What to Do with Kief

Making Hash

Now that we’ve covered what kief essentially is, it is time to talk about utilizing it. You will need a good amount of it for it to be of good use to you. Once you do have enough to benefit, you can explore multiple options. An individual can smoke the kief in its present state with a pipe or bong mixed in with natural marijuana. Hash itself though is just the process of making kief compressed as it can be difficult to smoke without this compression or may not burn as long without being compressed. Heat is also used to bind the kief material. The other ways of use can also be applied to THC brownies. This is a common favorite of smokers and kief can make these brownies that much more pleasurable. THC can be placed in butter or oil, this being used in the brownie, but any recipe that involves butter or oil can be infused with the kief benefit.

When it comes to arranging amounts of kief, it is important as this will be the main ingredient that enhances the overall quality. You will need a good amount for this, so many have larger quantities for multiple uses. Many have larger amounts of kief for medical reasons. For recreational purposes, users can also use a 4 piece grinder, and still gain much benefit as long as it is done correctly. The kief can easily be obtained this way, as it will fall through the screen. Be sure to obtain enough, and handle with care. The looser kief, or shredded kief still offers a great effect for users, but when kief is more concentrated, it offers more benefits. We will discuss this in the next paragraph. For now, when kief is grinded, the best way to utilize it is to sprinkle it on the cannabis. Users can choose to smoke or vaporize it with the proper equipment. Pressed kief can be kept and saved better. This is the process of making hash. This can benefit any smoker, but it would truly benefit those who use this for medical purposes as it can be stored for later. Now, we are going to learn how to make hash from Kief.

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How to Make Hash from Kief

Now we get to the hash, the moment you’ve been waiting for. How is hash made from kief. Most will agree that the best way to utilize the kief is by pressing it into a hash form. When hash is pressed it makes it more potent. This may look like a ball. There is a multitude of ways to do this for the user. Many who want to do this know about the great reviews and want to understand the easiest way possible to make hash. The absolute simplest and cheapest way is to roll it up in a ball, using your hands as the compression factor. This is also considered the messiest way, but cheap comes with its inconveniences. By taking a piece of wax paper about 20 inches long, put the kief in the center, and then fold it in half. You will need an iron. Once you have it, turn it on to the lowest setting. Now, put a T-shirt or thin towel over the wax paper. Simply apply pressure with the iron for about 30 seconds. If an iron isn’t available to you, you can simply try to press all the kief together. This method just brings better results at basically no cost compared to other methods.


So, there it is. It is a simple process that can yield great results. Learning what to do with kief is easy and effective for emergency use. It can be used in different ways, but for one thing, many are happy with kief.