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How to Use a Grinder for Weed

Using a weed grinder doesn’t take a college degree. It doesn’t take special skills or a long range of experience either. If this will be your first time using a weed grinder, in this article, you will find that using a weed grinder is a piece of cake and a walk in the park and you’ll be efficient and effective at using it your first time while getting a nice weed break up and the most kief out of your nugs. Below you will find some of the common steps on how to use a grinder for weed.

Steps on how to use a grinder for weed:

Step One: Remove just the top lid from your grinder not the grinder portion.

Step Two: Break up your weed into various pieces (Don’t use your fingers) and place them neatly and evenly on the teeth of the grinder (Everywhere but the center, which is how the lid and the grinder connects properly once the lid is closed).

how to use a grinder

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Step Three: After the weed is broken into pieces and placed in the teeth of the grinder (Do not overfill), it is now time to re-connect the lid to the grinder. Once the lid is firmly attached, you are ready for step number four.

Step Four: Begin to spin the lid back and forth until all the weed pieces have fallen into the holes of the grinder (You will feel the grinder working). This part of this process should take about 5 minutes.

how to use a weed grinder

Step Five: Once the weed has been grounded completely to your liking, remove the lid. This is simple. Just hold the base of the grinder while twisting off the lid.

Step Six: Now your weed is grounded and ready to be used as planned. There is a last portion of the grinder. This section can be accessed with just a twist off of the grinder portion, which comes off as easy as the lid. Remove the teeth portion of your grinder. You will notice some powdery stuff. This is the Kief. This is what is lost when breaking your bud up with your fingers, due to the oil content of your fingers, but the most potent and shouldn’t be overlooked. Kief has a higher HC count than the weed itself.

how to use a grinder for weed

Step Seven: Take the kief you’ve collected and sprinkle it in or on your blunt or joint and enjoy!

All the mentioned steps above on how to use a grinder for weed need more manual work to make it happen. Thank you! I do hope this article was helpful!

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