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9 Reasons to Never Buy an Acrylic Grinder


An acrylic herb grinder is just not as good as a metal herb grinder. People can’t think of these different grinders as being interchangeable. An acrylic grinder might seem like a solid alternative to some of the other grinders on the market, but this is just not the case in practice for a number of reasons.


Acrylic grinders don’t last for very long.

For a lot of people, durability is still one of the most important grinder characteristics. In that way, acrylic grinders are some of the worst. The teeth of the grinder will break easily.


Parts of the acrylic grinders could damage the product.

People who own acrylic grinders often learn the hard way that they don’t last for very long. What’s even worse is that they might contaminate the product itself. When teeth fall into the product, some of the chemicals might run off, and otherwise, ruin everything people tried to grind in the first place.

acrylic grinders

Acrylic grinders tend to reflect poor craftsmanship.

Most people will find that acrylic grinders were made quickly and ineffectively. Their poor build quality tends to be evident the moment that people look at them, and it’s even more obvious when people start to use them.


Acrylic grinders will usually not be built with a pollen chamber.

A pollen chamber can really allow people to use their herb reserves properly. It’s possible to actually smoke the pollen after rolling it in a joint. For a lot of people, this will help with the conservation of the herb itself and the budget for it. Not having a pollen chamber will seem like a waste.


The product will not be ground correctly.

Having an evenly ground herbal product means a lot to many people, and it will certainly have a strong effect on the finished quality of the product. If people don’t get a grinder that has high-quality enough teeth, they’re not going to get a solid finished product like this.


Acrylic grinders are less popular among seasoned enthusiasts.

If something is only liked by the younger members of any community, this tends to be a bad sign. Only younger users tend to like acrylic grinders. This is largely a function of the fact that these people have less experience, and that means that experienced people can ignore acrylic grinders.


Acrylic grinders have no advantages over their metal counterparts.

When people are thinking about getting acrylic grinders, they should ask themselves why it’s even a good idea to consider acrylic grinders when metal grinders are available. It can easily seem like these acrylic grinders fail to really make a case for themselves.


Acrylic grinders tend to broadcast fumes.

The plastic fumes from acrylic grinders will contaminate the herbal product in a whole new way, often making it significantly more toxic in the process.


Many acrylic grinders will suddenly break altogether.

For a lot of people, the acrylic grinders that seem so convenient at first will more or less become jammed at the worst possible moment. This can cause them to break in a way that cannot be fixed.




How to Smoke From a Bowl

Smoking from a bowl is often considered to be one of the easiest ways to smoke marijuana. Learning how to roll a joint or make a blunt takes more time, effort, and practice. Bowls use the marijuana more efficiently than joints or blunts. When smoking from a joint or blunt, oftentimes a good amount of the marijuana is wasted when it gets burned down to your fingertips.

What is a bowl?

What is a bowlUnderstanding what a bowl is and how it works is the first step to learning how to smoke from a bowl. A bowl is attached to the end of a pipe or bong and is where the substance is placed. It is most common to use a bowl for smoking cannabis.


What are pipes?

A pipe is essentially a tube with a bowl at the end. Many people envision a traditional tobacco pipe when asked to envision a pipe. Although pipes and herbs are interchangeable, it is ideal to use a tobacco pipe for tobacco and a marijuana pipe for marijuana.

A tobacco pipe has a bigger bowl than marijuana pipes do. The bowl will be visibly deeper and wider than bowls on pipes specific for marijuana. This is because tobacco gets packed into the bowl tighter than marijuana does.

The stem on a tobacco pipe is also much thinner than the stem on a marijuana pipe. The stem is the tube that connects the bowl to the mouth. A narrower stem has the risk of being clogged with marijuana, which is not a concern when smoking tobacco.

Most tobacco pipes do not have a hole in the bowl, called the carb. Almost every marijuana-specific pipe will be equipped with a carb.

A carb has a variety of different names in different communities. Some of these include rushole, shotgun, shotty, kick hole, bink, rush, or carburetor. The carburetor is the technical full name of the carb, but there is a general consensus that it is simply shortened down to carb.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the purpose of a carb. Almost every bowl that is made for marijuana has one, yet many smokers do not know how to correctly use it. The carb is often either on the left or right side of the bowl but is sometimes on the bottom.

The carb is used to trap smoke in the pipe when smoking and release some of it if desired. It helps control airflow and gives the user more control over the size of their hit. A hit is an inhalation on the pipe.

These differences in pipe design are there for specific reasons. Tobacco and marijuana do not burn the same way and are not smoked in the same way. While it is possible to smoke marijuana on a tobacco pipe and vice versa, it is recommended to get a substance-specific pipe. Occasionally, a marijuana pipe is simply referred to as a bowl.

Marijuana pipes are most commonly made out of glass. There are some pipes made out of wood, similar to a tobacco pipe, but these pipes are not recommended. A wooden pipe tastes worse than a glass pipe. A glass pipe tastes like weed, where a wooden pipe tastes like wood.

Glass pipes are also considered superior because they don’t heat up in the same way wooden pipes do. Some people use metal pipes, but these will heat up even faster and will likely burn the user. With glass pipes, the bowl is the main area to avoid touching due to heat, but the mouthpiece seldom becomes too hot to use.

Glass pipes do not emit fumes or vapors like other materials do. For example, smoking wood pipes will get you methane in your smoke as well as the weed. There are other harmful chemicals that can be inhaled with metal, ceramic, or wooden pipes. When smoking glass pipes, the only thing you smoke is the marijuana.

Marijuana leaves behind resin when smoked. Some people like to scrape this resin out of their pipe and proceed to smoke it. The resin contains significantly less THC than marijuana does, but it is possible to smoke it to get high. Resin does contain high levels of tar which is dangerous when smoked regularly. However, occasionally smoking resin can get someone high when in a pinch.

Getting resin out of a glass pipe is much easier than other pipes. The glass makes scraping the resin out easier.

Glass pipes also come in a wide variety of colors and fun designs. Many people like glass pipes simply for aesthetic reasons. If looking to purchase a glass pipe, try and choose one that has thick glass. Thicker glass makes it less likely for the pipe to break.

Ultimate Guide How-to-Smoke-From-a-Bowl


What are bongs?

What are bongs

The most basic way to describe a bong is that it is a larger and more complicated pipe. A bong is considered one of the best ways to smoke marijuana because they allow for larger and ‘cleaner’ hits. Many people consider smoking out of a bong to be a smoother and more enjoyable experience overall.

Although bong is probably the most common name for this device, it has other names. These include water pipe, billy, moof, or bing. A bong has some similarities to a hookah, but they are not the same device. Bongs are often smaller and more portable than hookahs.

A bong is made up of more different parts than a pipe. The bowl and the carb are similar to the pipe, although the bowl is often larger and shaped differently. The downstem is the tubing that carries the smoke from the bowl into the base of the bong.

The base is exactly what it sounds like- the bottom of the bong. The base can come in a wide variety of styles and designs, and often decides how the smoke is filtered. Two common types of bases are the bubble base, which looks like a sphere, or a beaker base, which looks like a traditional beaker. Beaker bases have a wider bottom which makes them more stable and able to hold more water than other types of bases.

The tube is the chamber of the bong that fills up with smoke after being filtered. The tube ends with the mouthpiece. There are different features that are sometimes placed inside a tube to add variation to the bong. An example of this would be an ice pinch, which keeps ice inside the tube. This cools the smoke more than just the water, which can be more pleasurable for some people.

Inside of these main sections, there is a percolator, which is different in each individual bong. The percolator is the device that filters the smoke to ensure a smooth hit. The water is often placed in the base of the bong and is used to cool the smoke.


How do I pack a bowl correctly?

 Learning how to pack a bowl is not too difficult. It requires a little trial and error, but it should be an easy skill to pick up. Packing a bowl is the term used to describe putting marijuana or another substance into the bowl of a pipe or bong.

It is critical to always make sure that your piece is clean. This does not mean that you have to clean your piece every time you want to smoke, but that you should keep an eye on it.

Not having a clean piece can make it difficult to smoke as well as making the smoke taste terrible. Marijuana will quickly create a resin that lines your bowl and piece. With pipes that have small clumps, you can use a pipe cleaner or even a toothpick to clear them away. Bongs can be approached similarly, but there is more surface area for the resin to form. For a deeper clean, a version of an alcohol and salt cleanse may be a good place to start.

Marijuana does not need to be packed into the bowl tightly. The first step is to break your marijuana down into small bits but not too finely ground. It should not be a powder. There are many ways to break marijuana down, but the easiest is with a grinder. It can also be done by hand.

Before putting the marijuana into the bowl, it is important to have a larger piece of bud or a stem to put at the bottom. This blocks the marijuana from falling out of the piece or you from inhaling ashes. There are screens made to do this job as well, and they are a wise investment. Using a screen will guarantee a good smoke as well as keeping your piece cleaner.

When beginning to fill the bowl with marijuana, lightly place it on the bottom. At the top, it can be packed in at a denser rate. The dense marijuana will have a higher chance of staying lit, and the lightly packed marijuana keeps the airflow consistent and prevents clogging. You do not have to use this method, but this method of packing a bowl provides a consistent and even smoke.

This method of packing a bowl is applicable to pipes as well as bongs.

How do I smoke a bowl?

When you are lighting marijuana in a bowl, using a lighter is preferred over matches because you will have to relight multiple times. Before lighting, make sure to cover the carb with one of your fingers, often the thumb. Put the lighter to the very edge of the bowl and only keep it on until it’s lit. This means that you may have to hold the lighter over the bowl for a bit of time. Your inhalation will keep it going during the entirety of your hit.

Lighting the edge of the bowl is commonly considered to make the hit taste better. It is also considered good etiquette when smoking with multiple people.

Keep inhaling until enough smoke has been inhaled to satisfy you, and release your finger from the carb. Inhale the remaining smoke to clear the piece. If you need a break from inhaling, you can cap the bowl. Capping the bowl means covering the bowl with something to make sure smoke doesn’t escape when you take a break. Some people do this with their hand, but this can burn you. When using a bong, covering the mouthpiece when taking a break will preserve the smoke from escaping.

This technique is applicable to both bongs and pipes. When smoking a pipe, it is fairly intuitive. Place your lips tightly around the mouthpiece and inhale. Bongs are a bit more difficult for beginners but easy to get the hang of. The mouthpiece of a bong is much larger than that of a pipe. Your lips go inside the mouthpiece, not around it. Keep a firm seal between your mouth and the mouthpiece so air cannot escape.


To Conclude

Smoking marijuana is an enjoyable and overall safe practice. Many people are interested in learning how to smoke a bowl. Learning how to smoke from a bowl is a fun and fairly simple endeavor that anyone can enjoy. There are a plethora of reasons to learn how to smoke a bowl, from the ease of use to cost efficiency. Smoking a bowl is applicable to both pipes and bongs, which are often used for social smoking. Knowing how to properly light a bowl and smoke it opens the door to new friendships and relationships.

Smoking marijuana out of a bowl is considered to get you the most bang for your buck because it doesn’t waste any of the marijuana. In some instances, it is possible to smoke the resin remaining in your piece to get another high out of the product.

Overall, learning how to smoke a bowl is one of the easiest ways to consume marijuana as well as one of the most cost efficient.


How to Roll a Joint for Beginners

Joints are the most popular and iconic method for consuming cannabis, and it is also the best way to fully enjoy the flavor of your weed. Now that marijuana has become increasingly legalized and decriminalized, we are seeing a growing number of marijuana novices who are looking to learn how to roll the perfect joint. Everyone who smokes marijuana should learn how to roll perfect joints every time, so they can enjoy their marijuana in its best possible form. While joint rolling is definitely not rocket science, it is very important that you develop a solid technique that allows the weed to burn smoothly and evenly to maximize your joint-smoking experience. We have developed this brief guide on how to roll a joint for beginners so that you will have all the basic information that you need to work on your technique and become a master at rolling joints. There is a whole world of joint-rolling techniques and styles out there, but these basic principles will provide you with a solid foundation, no matter where your joint rolling adventures take you.

If you are ready to learn, grab your gear and let’s get started.


Before you start, you will need to have these essential tools and ingredients.

  • Your marijuana: As your skills develop, you will be able to basically roll up anything anywhere anytime, and have a perfect joint as a result. However, to start out it is best to find some marijuana that is neither too sticky nor too dry. Eliminate as much of the stem as possible.

How to Roll a Joint for Beginners

  • Rolling papers: Buy some large or even extra-large rolling papers, as the standard sizes make fairly small joints, which take more skill to roll properly. Definitely aim for medium to lighter thickness for your papers, though avoid the ultra-thin brands.

Rolling papers

  • Crutch materials: This material is for making the filter or “crutch” for your joint. Conveniently, rolling paper packaging works perfectly, but any sort of light cardboard type material will do.

Crutch materials

  • Cannabis grinder: These are all pretty standard, and can be found at any marijuana shop or ordered online.

Cannabis grinder

  • Pen or pencil: Here you really only need something to help pack the marijuana down lightly once you are done rolling it, so anything that has a thin pointy end will work.

How-to-roll-a-joint - Pencil

How to Roll a Joint for Beginners – Step by Step

Step 1: Grind

Use your grinder to break the marijuana down into the shake. If the marijuana is properly dried, then it should break down into small chunks easily. If it is too dry, then you will end up with an almost powder-like shake, which will be difficult to roll with.


Grinders keep your hands from getting sticky, which prevents them from getting stuck on the rolling paper in later steps. If you do not own a grinder, then you can break the marijuana down by hand or use scissors, but try to wash your hands after to get rid of the stickiness.


Step 2: Crutch

Next, you want to make your crutch, which is also known as a filter or tip. Your crutch can be made from almost anything, but anything that is close to thin cardboard, like a business card, is a solid and safe choice. Begin by making some small “accordion” folds at the cardboard’s end, then roll the remaining material up until it is around the thickness that you want to make the joint. A crutch is never absolutely necessary, but it will help to keep your shake from falling out into your mouth when you smoke. It will also add a little stability to your joint and will allow you to fully enjoy every bit of your marijuana without singeing your fingertips. If you are sharing the joint, then the crutch will also help to keep the end from getting unattractively soggy with other people’s saliva.


Step 3: Fill

Fill your paper with the crutch and your shake. When your paper has the proper amount of shake, you can start to shape and form the joint using your fingers.


Step 4: Pack

Once you have loaded the shake and shaped the joint, it is time to pack. Gently roll the paper back and forth using the index fingers and thumbs of both hands, adding or removing shake as necessary until you have the desired size and proper form.


Step 5: Roll

This is the crucial step that will make or break your joint’s final quality. Tuck the side of the paper that is unglued into the roll, and then use the edge with glue to tack down one of the paper’s ends. Use only a small amount of moisture. When the paper is tacked on that end, you can now work down the remainder of the seam, tucking and sealing your joint from one end to the other as you go.


Step 6: Finish

To finish, you want to pack down the end to ensure that the joint burns evenly. Pencils and pens are great, but just about anything in the same basic shape will work. Some good alternatives for when you are outside or on the move are laces or drawstrings, or a small stick. If you are not going to spark the joint immediately, then you will want to close the joint’s tip with a small twist.


Step 7: Smoke

Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Pay attention to how the joint burns to get a feel for how you can improve the next time you roll one. Practice makes perfect, and the best joint rollers spend many years perfecting their craft. Fortunately, you get to smoke all the resulting joints, which is a nice bonus as you work toward mastering joint rolling.

A Wide Open World of Joint Rolling

Once you have mastered this basic guide on how to roll a joint for beginners, the wide world of joint rolling will now open to you. There are all kinds of different materials, themes and styles for you to explore, which provides an endless adventure in joint rolling that makes smoking marijuana that much more fun.

Different Types of Grinders

There are lots of different types of grinders for weed these days. Weed is part of a very real emerging market, due to the changing legal situation surrounding this very popular herbal remedy. The different types of grinders are going to give people a very different performance in some cases, although many of them are still going to be comparable in terms of quality.

Different Types of Grinders

Grinder Cards

Grinder Cards

Grinder cards are some of the most convenient weed grinders that most people would ever imagine, since they are the size, shape, and thickness of debit cards. They also work a lot like graters for cheese, so people are going to be able to use them manually in a way that is really going to be convenient for them. These are weed grinders that are unbeatable when it comes to portability, since they will literally fit in a person’s wallet. They are also some of the easiest weed grinders to clean that most people are going to find. They should work well enough for most products.


Wooden Grinders

Wooden Grinders

It’s hard to beat wooden grinders when it comes to their decorative nature. A lot of them have lovely and delicately carved designs on their lids that will really manage to liven up a room. They fit in with people who have a positive image of weed in general. While bacterial contamination is always more of a problem with anything made with wood, wooden grinders can still deliver a great performance when it comes to processing a person’s store of weed. Many of them are also relatively inexpensive compared with a good portion of the other weed grinders that are on the market these days.

Plastic/Acrylic Weed Grinders

Composite Plastic Grinders

Plastic Grinders

Many composite plastic grinders are known for the fact that a lot of their blades are very sharp. It is going to be easy for most of them to effectively process weed of all kinds. While some people doubt that composite plastic material can produce results comparable to what they would experience when it comes to metal grinders, many of the composite plastic grinders really are good enough for this purpose. They should also be relatively easy to clean, and they are not going to be prone to rust, which is a problem for some metallic devices in different cases.


Acrylic Grinders


Acrylic grinders are much stronger than they look. Acrylic is a material that can be made to be strong or flexible, and the acrylic used in acrylic grinders will typically be very strong indeed. These grinders are typically going to be held together through the use of a magnet, and that means that people are going to have a relatively easy time assembling them and disassembling them if the occasion presents itself. Acrylic grinders have the advantage of also being relatively inexpensive compared to some of their metallic counterparts, and yet their performance is comparable.

Metal Grinders

Titanium Metal Grinders


Titanium is a popular metal for weed grinders. This is largely due to the fact that it is easy to fashion titanium into very sharp sets of teeth. Since the teeth of these grinders will be very sharp, it is going to be easier for people to get finely chopped and processed weed. Titanium is less dense and lighter than it looks as well, and that is going to create a situation where these nice grinders are more portable than many people would expect. They might be costlier as well, but it might be worth it for some customers.


Aluminum Metal Grinders


Aluminum metal grinders have a lot of advantages when it comes to durability. They are usually going to be able to last people a long time, provided they are regularly cleaned. Almost all metal grinders are going to deliver particularly great performances when it comes to finely processing and chopping up the weed itself. These are grinders that are capable of storing kief, making them even more convenient than a good portion of the others that are available today. Aluminum metal grinders are more expensive than some of the others that people are going to find on the market. However, they are still going to have a lot to offer, so some customers might not care.



Best Way to Smoke Resin – Quick & Easy

Some of the safest and newest means of cannabis administration are ways of smoking cannabis concentrates or extracts. These include budders, pressed hashes, shatter, glass, waxes, dabs, or any other type of CO2 or BHO extracted concentrate forms of a plant.

However, currently, there’s a new method that’s been seen to offer the highest content in trichome. The method is loaded with flavorful terpenes and cannabinoids. So which is the best way to smoke resin?

Before looking at some of the ways you can smoke resin, it is important to first get a closer look at exactly what resin is.

best way to smoke resin - Quick & Easy

What is Resin?

Simply put, resin is a by-product of smoking marijuana. It sticks to any surface that marijuana is smoked out of. Resin is highly rich in cannabinoids, carbon, ash, and tar. These are inherently contained in cannabis.

According to many people, it’s the unhealthiest way of smoking since it contains high tar levels. Nonetheless, it is handy during difficult financial times or when your neighborhood experiences drought.

Over the years, stoners have discovered new ways of smoking. They utilize all forms of science and kinds of tools. Yeah, science is handy nowadays! People are moving from wooden pipes to dabs, bongs, and joints.

Best Way to Smoke Resin

Hitting the pipe dry is the best way to smoke resin. You shouldn’t even bother scraping it. Granted, you can scrape it out of the pipe, gather some fat resin ball, and then plop it inside your weed bowl in order to smoke it.

However, why should you go through all this trouble when you already have resin in your pipe? Therefore, just hit your pipe as if you have stuff inside the bowl. Next, puff a couple of times.

This will make the resin hit up and you can now begin to smoke. It is that simple. Nevertheless, you should be cautious because resin normally heats up fast. In return, it can heat your pipe real-time thus making you burn.

how to smoke resin

Additionally, you should refrain from rolling your resin ball to a snake and then utilizing a rolling paper to puff it. It is extremely thick and you’ll not have any airflow.

Vape pens and resin do not work together. Unless your resin to taste funky for the entire device’s life. Resin normally vaporizes at a much higher temperature compared to trichomes. Consequently, you can make a mess.

The best way to smoke resin is by having a bong and a resin ball or any kind of water pipe. Water filters out some of the dangerous components. Furthermore, refrain from making a tincture or tea. Also, keep off utilizing weed resin in your edibles.

How to Smoke Resin (Otherways)


Bongs come in different sizes and shapes. Often, they can be quite aesthetic. They can also make exceptional decoration pieces too. A gravity bong is the most popular form of the bong.

This creative bong utilizes gravity force in order to force smoke inside a chamber. Making them demands some little work. Nonetheless, it’s a fun and interesting way of smoking resin. This method certainly gets you extremely stoned.


Dabs also go by the name Butane Hash Oil (BHO). They are extremely potent and have oil that is meant to be smoked using a rig. They are similar to a bong bowl only that you use a blowtorch. Essentially, dabbing is a flash-vaporization method. Nonetheless, it’s more intense.

To some people, it might look quite dangerous. However, it is actually healthier compared to other ways of smoking resin. Of great importance to know is the fact that it’s not for beginners. You need to be savvy to use this method. That is for sure.


Basically, bubblers are miniature bongs. They are small enough to fit perfectly into your pocket. Just like bongs, bubblers usually allow time for the smoke to calm/cool down. This goes miles in making it quite easy for users to enjoy bigger hits, which simply means bigger effects.

Bowls and Pipes

This is a much easier and quicker way of smoking resin. All you need to do is just light it up, inhale and you’re definitely good to go. Bowls and pipes method is as effective as blunts and joints.

However, it might not taste as good because it does not include any paper. For each hit, you normally have to light your bowls. It can be incredible if you need to save the bowl for later use. Nonetheless, it is inconvenient if you are on the outside especially on a windy day.

Resin FAQs

Q: Does resin contain THC / can it get one high?

A: Resin contains less THC compared to actual buds. Plenty of the THC combusts whenever you light it.

Q: Which is the best way to scrap pipe resin?

A: You can use any means necessary to scrape pipe resin. Every pipe is slightly unique. Therefore, you need to get creative. In most cases, the whole thing gets messy. The following are some handy tools when it comes to scraping the resin from a bowl:

  • Smoker’s multi-tool – You can use a smoker’s multi-tool, which is usually incredible for scraping-out resin from a bowl.
  • Parchment paper – It’s incredible to have an amazing disposable non-stick surface whenever you need a place to put place your resin.
  • Lighter – You can try dry hitting a piece a couple of times. It helps warm up your resin thus making it very easy to scrape.
  • Paperclip or Bobby Pin – In this case, you’ll need something which you can blend effortlessly into shape. It lets you scrape around the curves with the utmost ease.


There are different ways of how to smoke resin. Smoking resin is handy on one of those days you are hit financially to afford weed. If such a day comes calling, you need a smoking method that will make you enjoy the most of your resin. The above list of the best way to smoke resin ought to be handy.

3 Best Ways To Smoke Kief – Quick & Easy

Kief is the little precious stones on top of the marijuana bud and is ordinarily sprinkled on top of cannabis in dishes, bongs, blunts, and joints because of its high THC strength.

One thing that is sure about kief is that you will definitely find larger measures of THC in it, as compared to cannabis leaves in general. This is the essential reason that people like to smoke it.

Additionally, there are distinctive approaches to smoke it which will be indicated out in this correspondence. Something to reflect upon is that the best way to smoke kief is totally up to the individual user.

A seasoned smoker of kief more than likely has developed their own special habits. Keeping this in mind the subject of how to smoke kief depends on the new or old user’s preferences, influences, and degree of adventuresome experimentation.

Learn best way to smoke kief

Kief is to a great degree flexible and can be smoked in an assortment of ways. Contingent upon the amount you have gathered, kief can be smoked utilizing the joint technique, as a sandwich between the buds, through a pipe, or after pressing it into hash.

Below I have elaborated on the methods that have just mentioned.

Best Way to Smoke Kief ( How to smoke kief )

The Initial Suggestion – The Joint Technique

how to smoke kief

Get the best-reviewed grinder for kief

One of the most popular ways to gain the intense effect of smoking kief is the joint method. When you utilize this technique it is wise to be very careful because of the powder composition of the kief.

The ideal way is to combine the kief with the Canibus buds; this adds adhesion and you are not as likely to lose some of the powder. Actually, this is an ideal method, because the kief and buds form a bond and easily fit together when rolling up a joint.

The best procedure is to sandwich your kief between your buds and wrap it up in a paper. Climb another paper around the whole joint. It will even make it last longer by burning slower.

Kief Smoking – As a Sandwich Between The Buds In a Pipe

When using kief in combination with your buds, you should always pack a little herb first, then add kief in the middle, then pack more herb on top. Kind of like a kief sandwich!

This is most effective for smoking kief because kief vaporizes at a lower temperature and adding it to the top of your bowl will result in a lot of kief being wasted by the burn of the lighter.

Sandwiching it in your bowl will help it burn more effectively and will result in the most efficient use of your kief. Different individuals seem to use their imagination for different variations of this method, but basically, it’s the same sandwich process with different names.

The Traditional – Smoking Kief In A Pipe

Smoking Kief In A Pipe

With regards to smoking only kief in a pipe (Get reviews), this technique permits you to encounter the kief all alone. A prescribed strategy is to utilize a screen on top of a glass channel.

You can buy solid claim to fame titanium screens for smoking hash at all around supplied head shops, however, you can even utilize a standard stainless steel pipe screen without any issues.

Smoking kief in an appropriate size pipe is another famous approach to expanding your kief solo. In any case, it’s truly vital that you are watchful of the amount you utilize in light of the fact that it is a great deal more powerful than your buds.

So if your pipe is enormous, pack it conservatively. Likewise, kief figures out how to stay lit and smoldering in the pipe fundamentally until it’s blazed completely through, so continue puffing without end.

It doesn’t quit smoldering the same way that blooms do, so you’ll lose it in the event that you don’t focus.

Smoking – After Pressing The Kief Into Hash

The process of pressing the kief into hash requires a couple of things that are not hard to get.

Recorded underneath are a portion of the things that you require; leading you to require a tolerable measure of kief (dust), no less than 5g, which can be gathered utilizing an uncommon kief gathering weed processor which can be purchased at all great smoke shops.

Additionally, you will require a plastic cellophane wrapper from the end of a cigarette pack, a damp towel, and a hair straightener.

Next, basically, take after the simple strides beneath.

To start with – Turn on the hair straightener so that it heats up well.

Second – Take a cellophane wrapper and load with a few teaspoons of kief (contingent upon the amount you need to make).

Third – Burn the filled wrapper close utilizing a lighter. It ought to just take a brief moment. Do not overdo it.

Fourth – Wrap a damp towel around the cellophane baggie.

Fifth – Place the baggie secured in the damp towel into the hair straightener and press it to close tight. Give it a decent 10-20 minutes trying to check consistently so nothing smolders. Do not overdo this also.

Sixth – Take out the towel and baggie, toss the baggie on a level floor and squeeze it level. A suggestion would be to place it between two boards on the floor, then press it out with your feet.

Seventh – Now discard the plastic wrap covering and the process is complete. Freshly squeezed Kief into the hash, prepared for smoking.

In Conclusion

The best way to smoke kief and the most widely recognized uses for kief smoking is preferential, and you can do as such in whatever way you prefer.

Kief can be sprinkled on top of a pipe and bong as a topper or used in with a joint for an additional punch. It’s up to the user to decide how to smoke kief. In a pipe, you’ll have the capacity to light it once and control the burn until it’s gone.

In case you’re accelerating your usage in this manner, be mindful so as to spread it around equally since it burns at an alternate speed and can bring about a super buzz feeling if you are not careful.

How to Clean a Grinder

As long as you want your herbal grinder to last and get the best bang for your buck, you need to learn how to take care of it. There are several different types of herb crusher grinders in the market, some made of plastic, others metal. Your taste and budget will influence the kind of herb grinder you can get. But enough blubbering; here’s how to clean a grinder.

How to clean your grinder

The first clean

Cleaning and caring for a herb grinder takes a little more time and attention. Most herb crusher grinders are usually made of metal and can break down into several components, typically four. The first part in cleaning this type of grinder is disassembling it.

How to Clean a Grinder

Rub Isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing alcohol) on all separate parts before using, inserting a Q-Tip to clean all the hard-to-reach areas and crevices. Some people prefer simply dipping the components in alcohol to speed up the process. Clean the exterior surface using a paper towel.

Remember to tackle the grooves at the screw cap before rinsing with warm water. Set the tool aside to dry.

Note: Refrain from using Rubbing alcohol, boiling water or freezing if your four-piece grinder has an acrylic clear top lid or acrylic body. Acrylic parts should only be cleaned using soap and warm water.

Getting the slime out

There are numerous different ways you can clean a dirty grinder. However, freezing and boiling are the two most common ones. When using the freezing method, start by disassembling it first and then leave the loose components in a large freezer bag for about one hour. When you take out the freezer container, the herbal residue accumulated in the grinder will fall off by just tapping the pieces on a paper towel. Sweep out any remaining pieces using a toothbrush. You can also add rubbing alcohol to the toothbrush to clean the grinder thoroughly and then rinse with warm water.

Place all the parts in a large pot of boiling water, and then bring the water to a boil. Remove from heat and leave the pot for about ten minutes to cool before removing the grinder components with a pair of tongs. Wash using a toothbrush if necessary, and place outside to dry.

If you want to hang on to the green material still hugging the grinder, use a plastic object to scrape these pieces off (for instance using a guitar pick). Place a tray or cookie sheet below the grinder to catch the herbs. Wash with rubbing alcohol or hot soapy water, based on whether your grinder has any acrylic components and how dirty it is.

Cleaning the screen

You probably don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how to clean a grinder, but you need to pay particular attention to how to clean your grinder screen. This is especially because it is designed with a thin mesh of resonant wires. This means damaging or simply bending it would reduce your grinder to almost uselessness. Here is how you should tackle this part of the job:

First, remove the screen carefully and put it in a sink to clean off the dirt while washing. Pat one side of the screen with a few pinches of table salt or Epsom salt, and then apply a generous amount of rubbing alcohol to loosen the solid salt crystals.

Wipe your finger gently across the screen to allow the crystals to move through the membrane. This motion will create enough friction between the mesh and the solid crystals to loosen the tiny plant residues and pollens in the thin wires.

Turn the screen over and repeat the same process on the opposite side. Take about 2-3 minutes rubbing the screen on either side before rinsing with warm, running water until all the solid crystals are removed and dissolved. Finish by gently flicking your finger against the grinder screen to eliminate any streams of water in the mesh. Do this gently to avoid damaging the screen or leaving any dents. Use a clean towel to pat it dry, and then place it outside to air off completely.

Collecting the residue

Most people tend to let their herbal residue accumulate in the grinder to save for different purposes. If you are in this group of people, chances are your grinder is sticky most of the time. To preserve your resin, start by using the freezing method to remove as much plant residue as possible, and then transfer all the grinder pieces into a plastic bag.

Next, cover the pieces with a moderate sprinkle of rubbing alcohol. Be extra vigilant here, as applying too much rubbing alcohol can ruin your product. Get rid of the excess air, and then zip the bag. Shake until the alcohol becomes greenish-gold. Also, avoid over-soaking as this can also destroy your resin residue.

Next, look for a Pyrex container (for instance, a custard cup) to transfer all the liquid. Refrain from using ceramic because, once the alcohol dries, you will need to use a ceramic can chip and razor blade to scrape the product. You can also use a hair dryer to accelerate the drying process. Gather the dried residue using a piece of parchment paper. To turn the product into a blond hash, just fold over the paper and apply pressure for a couple of minutes (you can simply place a book over the top instead of holding the paper all this time). You can use the same technique for your vapes too.

Extending your grinder’s lifespan

In order to keep your grinder fit and in perfect working condition, you need to clean it on a regular basis. The tips explained above will make the overall cleaning process much easier. Make a point of cleaning the grinder whenever you notice some resistance; otherwise, you’ll be forcing your tool against the gunk that may eventually cause its damage.

The best part about cleaning a grinder is that your herb will taste a lot better, and your grinder will function more efficiently. While the quality of materials will play a significant role in determining how long your device will serve you, knowing how to clean a grinder will go a long way.

How to Make a Homemade Grinder for Weed

Owning a grinder is a necessity for a weed smoker. This is because weed grinders help mix, blend and save the weed (by resisting spill) it also saves you the trouble of having your fingers stained with it, or have your hands stink of it. However, grinders are small in size and very easy to lose. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have just misplaced your grinder and have to do some grinding, and can’t wait to get a new one, here are some tips on how to make a homemade grinder for weed that you can use. This grinder will enable you to achieve the same results, or almost the same result as using a real grinder until you are able to buy yourself a real weed grinder.

Quick tips on how to make a homemade grinder for weed

Using a Chew Can

Find a chew can, empty its contents, pierce little nails (flat thumbtacks) into the top and bottom side of the can. You have to figure out a way so the nails don’t jam each other inside the can. Put your weed into the can and twist from side to side. Open the can and enjoy rolling up your finely ground weed. Its effect is almost the same as a real weed grinder.

Using Scissors and a Shot Glass

Using a dry shot glass, throw your weed into it, use small nail scissors or any small scissors and cut away. Keep cutting until you are satisfied with the way it looks when you have finished, pour it on your rolling paper and roll it up. This technique is by far the simplest technique. It is easy to do, quick, and does not require materials. Once you have a shot glass and scissors, you are good to grind. This method is very easy and is also very effective.

how to make a homemade grinder for weed


Using a Black Pepper Grinder

Black pepper grinder (click to see the best price on Amazon) is one of the best alternatives. If you own one, fill up the pepper container with some of your weed, grind out the quantity you want to smoke and, leave the rest of it inside the grinder. Or grind out the quantity you want to use now and some for later then keep the pot empty. The grinder can be a special place to store the weed provided it’s kept away from the kitchen and the reach of children. You don’t want to make the mistake of using weed as black pepper in your cooking.

How to Make a Homemade Grinder - Using a Black Pepper Grinder


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Using a Coffee Grinder

This technique is very popular among smokers. Try an electric coffee grinder (see the best price on Amazon), its results are great. It grinds it nicely. But be careful how long you leave it grinding. It can easily turn your weed into dust. Throw all your dense buds into the coffee grinder and start grinding, but remember not to leave it on for too long or your weed can turn into powder.

How to Grind Weed without a Grinder


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Using a Pill Bottle and a Nickel

Put some weed into an empty plastic pill bottle, drop a nickel into the bottle, close it and shake vigorously. The weed will come out looking nicely ground. This technique sounds hard to believe and understand but it actually works. Try it and you will be amazed at the results.

Pill Bottle and Coin

Using a Knife and a Chopping Board

Bring out a chopping board, make sure its clean and dry. You can wipe it dry with a kitchen cloth or paper towel. place the weed on top of the board, get a sharp knife and start chopping. This method is very effective and your weed comes out well chopped.

Using a Knife and a Chopping Board


The most recommended method without a doubt is to go and buy a real grinder. It does the grinding perfectly, holds it in and doesn’t over grind it. It always comes out finely ground. There are various types of grinders available in the stores, they made out of different materials like plastic, wood or metal, and also come at different prices depending on your budget. Some are transparent so you get to see how well it has grinded without opening it.

There are some weed grinders that come with a little magnet inside which keeps the grinder closed and helps it resist spill. These grinders are mostly manual. They don’t have switches that will grind them automatically so you have to twist them left and right by yourself. Learning how to make a homemade grinder for weed is easy and effective for emergency use because you can get most of their materials easily around the house. So if you are not in a position to buy one, make one and get similar results.



How to Grind Weed without a Grinder

A grinder can be a great tool for crashing weed before using it. However, not all people might want to buy or afford buying a grinder. Some people just find it fun to try out other methods of grinding weed for the satisfaction of their curiosity. Below you will find some of the common methods on how to grind weed without a grinder.

5 Best Ways to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

1. A Coffee Grinder

This is ultimately the closest you will get to grind a lot of weed in a short time. The other methods might not support as much weed as the coffee grinder (click to see best price on Amazon). Clean your weed well and pour it into the coffee grinder. Turn it on and let it run for several minutes while keeping an eye on the weed. You do not want it to be too fine that it forms a powder. Just run the coffee grinder long enough to achieve a perfect form for rolling it up. Once you are done, clean up your coffee grinder thoroughly before grinding some coffee later on.

How to Grind Weed without a Grinder


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2. Using Scissors and a Shot Glass

This method could be labeled as the best to use by people who need to grind some small portions of weed effectively. A pair of scissors is important for snipping the weed buds into smaller pieces. Place the weed into the glass and start snipping. Try to ensure that you snip to get the smallest size as much as possible. For additional grinding, now place the weed under the shot glass and start crushing it manually. You can keep on crushing the weed until you get finer weed at the end. With this method, cleaning up should not be a problem once you are done crushing the weed.

Using Scissors and a Shot Glass


3. Using a Pill Bottle and a Coin

You will be surprised by such methods that will get your weed crushed. You have to find a clean pill bottle to use as your grinder. Put a weed bud into the bottle, and in a coin then seal it. Now, it is time to shake. You have to keep on shaking for some time before you get the desired results. It is an effective method for grinding weed, only that it can take more effort and time to get the job done right.

Pill Bottle and Coin


4. Using a Knife and a Chopping Board

If you are good with knives in the kitchen, then your skills are about to be put into another great use. Grinding the weed with a knife (see best price on Amazon) is just like cutting salad on the same chopping board. Place your weed on the chopping board and start the job. Cut the weed into small pieces as much as possible. Make sure to use a non-serrated knife to get the job done faster. This method is suitable for grinding small amounts of weed regularly.

Using a Knife and a Chopping Board


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5. Using Your Fingers

This method should only be used when you are out of options, since the other methods are more practical. Also, this method would be effective if the weed is completely dry. You might just end up mashing or squeezing the weed together, rather than grinding it. Roll the weed in a paper and start crushing with your fingers. Rolling it in a paper is meant to reduce the amount of mess and spillage of the weed once it is crushed.

Using Your Fingers



It is still possible to find other methods from other places around the web, you just have to know where to look. It is advisable to check out the forums or hack sites. Forums are likely to have many people who love weed and would share their grinding methods. Some methods would be fun, while others are just impossible. You can choose a method based on the type supplies around you. The hack sites are also known for helping people accomplish some things on their own without using a predefined method. Be sure to find some weed grinding methods that do not necessarily involve a manufactured grinder.

All the mentioned methods above on how to grind weed without a grinder need more manual work to make it happen. It will not be easy to grind a lot of weed in a short time with these alternative methods. For those who would love to grind weed regularly, it is better to get yourself a grinder.

How to Grind Coffee Beans without a Coffee Maker

It’s early morning, and you are in need of a fast caffeine fix. Imagine your horror when you find only .whole beans that you bought by mistake, and the receipt is missing, the grinder has quite working. Don’t panic, there are several ways in which to grind coffee, though some may take more physical energy than others. Below you will find some of the common methods on how to grind coffee beans without a coffee maker.

5 Best Ways on How to Grind Coffee Beans – Homemade Options

Brewing Method

There are a few things you need to know before starting to grind. First consider the method brewing, for example, brewing methods that require that the coffee stand in hot water for a long time will require a much finer grind than either drip coffee or a French press. Arabic and Turkish coffees will need to be much finer than other types of coffee. It must be an extremely fine grind in order to taste the way it should. These coffees are best when ground using the mortar and pedestal method if a grinder is not available.


Another consideration is how much you should grind at a time. It’s recommended that one tablespoon of coffee beans per cup needed should be used. Ground coffee will not stay good as whole beans, and will require special storage. The best method is to put the coffee into a glass jar with a tight fitting lid. It will need to be kept in a dry, cool area, away from light and heat.

Mortar and Pedestal Method

When grinding without a grinder one of the first methods thought of is the mortar and pedestal method. Here a few beans are placed in a bowl at a time, this is because the beans will tend to try to fly out. In all honesty the beans will try to fly out every time they are hit. Using a very short stroke and practice will make this issue less of a problem, but it will also take some physical energy to complete. One man stated that on his first attempt the beans flew out, and he continued to find pieces of beans in his kitchen for the next month. This method is not for everyone.

Hammer Method

A variation of mortar method is the hammer method, with this method the beans can’t go flying. Place your beans into a high-quality freezer bag, and make sure it’s closed. Place the bag between two towels and beat with a hammer. A short stroke is best, and will produce a finer grind faster that the mortar and pedestal, and can take less time and effort. A strong hammer isn’t needed, a regular household hammer works fine as does a meat tenderizing hammer will also work.

how to grind coffee beans

Source: Wikihow

Roller Method

Next we’ll look at the roller method. Prepare the beans as in the hammer method, but use a rolling pin instead of a hammer. So people swear by this method, finding it easier than the hammer. If like many households today, you don’t have a rolling pin or have been forbidden to use it by the family baker, you can use a heavy jar or large unopened can.

Old-fashioned Mincer or Grinder

If you are especially lucky, the household may own an old-fashioned mincer or grinder. These clamp onto a table or counter, and is operated by turning a handle. A rather old-fashioned method, but is easier than many of the above choices.

In this method you will simply place the beans on a chopping board and chop the beans as fine as possible. Most people agree, that the knife must be very sharp with a 5” blade for the best results. It’s also recommended that the chopping board be sturdy. The chopped beans are then brewed in the same way that tea is brewed. One important word of caution though, do not swallow the beans. It could conceivably cause a caffeine overdose.

Final Thoughts

We’re almost done, but we should describe the different types of kitchen appliances that can easily be used to grind the beans. First and the most common is the household blender, it should be set to pulse and watched until it has reached the required fineness. Next try a food processor, start with the blade that will create a coarse grind, now change the blade to one that produce a finer product. It has been said that a spice grinder will also produce a good product. The kitchen appliance method is by far the easiest if you already have the appliance and access to electricity.All the mentioned methods above on how to grind coffee beans without a coffee maker need more manual work to make it happen.

Let’s finish with the easiest of all methods, the coffee shop. That’s right, you can go to almost any coffee shop with your beans and they will grind them for you. Even the mighty Starbucks is said to grind beans for those who request the service, though I’ve been told you must ask nicely.