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Cheap Weed Grinders With Kief Catcher

cheap weed grinders with kief catcherIn this article, I will be reviewing five different cheap weed grinders with kief catcher that are currently available for purchase on Amazon. All of these grinders are not ridiculously expensive, but are good quality and what you would expect from a product that is going to cost you around fifty dollars and upwards.

There are some things that should be considered when buying a cheaper grinder, such as the fact that it may not last you a lifetime, as some of these products claim to do, and as far as how well a cheap grinder actually grinds the herbs, may not always be too amazing either. Although, fifty dollars for a grinder is quite a standard price, it’s not the most expensive but certainly isn’t one of the cheapest deals out there either. Some grinders you can purchase for under twenty dollars, but if you are looking for quality, you might as well spend a few extra dollars and purchase a great product. The cheap weed grinders that I discuss in this article are all very similar, but also have their good qualities and their bad qualities.

Platinum Grinder Space Case (Medium) 4 Piece Herb Grinder Space Case Grinder (Large) Afternoondelight Grinder
Size: 2.5″ Size: 2.5″ Size: 2.5″ Size: 3.5″ Size: 2.5″
Material: Aluminium Material: Aluminium Material: Aluminium Material:Titanium Material: Aluminium
Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars Customer Rating: 5.00 out of 5 stars
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty: None Warranty: 10 Years Warranty: None Warranty: Lifetime

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Cheap Weed Grinders With Kief Catcher

Product one: Space Case Grinder Large, Titanium.


This cheap weed grinder is made from titanium, which is different from the other four products that I have reviewed in this article. As it is made from titanium rather than the common alternative, which is aluminium, it is supposed to be very durable and the manufacturers claim that it will last you for a lifetime. It’s supposed to be a ‘smoker’s favorite’ because of how carefully it sifts and grinds the herbs.

This grinder is best used for grinding multiple herbs at once because of it’s larger size.


  • As it is made from titanium, herbs will not stick to the grinder which means that it will be kept clean without you having to manually clean it. This is not the case with most grinders, most of them are constructed from aluminium, which means that the herbs stick to this material and they have to be manually cleaned on a regular basis.
  • The large diameter of this product makes it easier to grind up anything larger or tougher.
  • Again, because of it’s larger size, you can grind multiple herbs all at once.
  • This grinder should last you for a very long time, as it is supposed to be made from very sturdy materials. Titanium is supposed to be much more durable than aluminium or plastic, meaning that you don’t have to worry about this grinder cracking or breaking any time soon.
  • The teeth on the grinder are very sharp, which allows the herbs to be shed very finely.
  • It comes with a triangle pick to make sure that all excess herbs can be removed from the collection chamber, this allows for easy clean up too.


  • There has been reports of some of the teeth breaking off after only a few weeks/months of use, so this product is maybe not as durable as the company sells it to be.
  • It has also been reported that the black paint finish chips off, which causes problems, as the paint chippings can fall into the freshly ground herbs.
  • As the grinder is larger, it is not compact and may be hard to travel with or store.
  • It’s a little more pricey than some of the other herb grinders, due to it being larger and being made from titanium, which is a more expensive material.
  • It doesn’t seem to have any warranty guarantees, so if this product breaks, the company or Amazon will not replace it or fix it.

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Product two: Platinum Grinders, Large Aluminium Grinder with Pollen Catcher.

Platinum Grinder

This grinder is made from aircraft grade aluminium. It has a magnetic lid and a textured bottom to stop you from dropping it and is really light.

This cheap weed grinder is probably best for if you are on the go, because it is light and small which makes it very compact.


  • Made from aircraft standard aluminium, so it should be very durable and should not be breaking or chipping any time soon.
  • It’s very lightweight so it is easy and comfortable to carry and travel with.
  • It is also small which makes it convenient and easy to store.
  • The grinding action is very smooth, and makes the herbs very finely shredded.
  • The magnetic lid helps keep the herbs secure, even when the grinder is upside down. The textured bottom will also ensure that you do not drop the grinder whilst you are trying to open it, this feature is great because it prevents you from potentially breaking the grinder or possibly spilling the freshly ground herbs all over.
  • The teeth are diamond shaped, which is meant to provide a smoother and sharper grind. I have not seen any other grinders that are like this, this seems like a very unique feature for this particular product.
  • It’s also extremely affordable as it is at a discounted price at the moment, unlike some other grinders that are on the market.
  • It has a pollen catcher.
  • It also comes with a warranty in case you happen to damage or break this grinder, Amazon or the company will replace or fix it.


  • You will have to clean this grinder on a regular basis as the herbs will stick to the sides of the grinder, due to the material being what it is.
  • The grinder may struggle to grind anything other than a coarse grind. This is probably due to it’s smaller size.

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Product three: Space Case Grinder Medium.


This grinder is also made from aluminium and has a magnetised lid. It also promises to have extremely sharp edges that never dull even after being constantly used, so that it grinds herbs effortlessly for a long time.

This grinder is best used for the long term, it is supposed to be very durable and last a lifetime.


  • As this grinder is made from extremely durable materials, it should last for a very long time without breaking.
  • This grinder has really good pollen retention.
  • It is very sharp, this allows it to shred any herbs perfectly and makes them really finely ground.
  • The edges of the grinder are not supposed to dull over time.
  • It can grind tougher herbs and multiple herbs all at once, which is a pro because it’s not what you would expect from a smaller grinder such as this one.


  • The magnetic lid isn’t supposed to be very strong, this could result in the grinder tipping over and spilling herbs everywhere, or simply the lid falling off and breaking.
  • The screw off parts are a little too secure, meaning you have to rotate them at least six times to get the grinder open.
  • It’s harder to clean that most grinders, and doesn’t mask the smell of any herbs well at all.
  • It doesn’t come with any warranty plans, Amazon or the company will not replace or fix it if it breaks.

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Product four: Four Piece Aluminium Herb Grinder.


This grinder is made from ‘space-grade’ aluminium, which makes the product very durable. It’s also quite small, measuring at only two and a half inches. This grinder is also supposed to be corrosive resistant too. It has a removable screen and is magnetic.

This grinder is best used for travelling possibly, because of it’s small size and because it comes with a storage bag.


  • It has a removable screen, which makes the clean up process easier.
  • This grinder comes with a pollen pick to remove any of the leftovers from within the collection chamber and a storage bag so you can protect this grinder whilst you travel.
  • It has a ten year warranty, which is rare for most grinders on the market. Most only claim to ‘last a lifetime’ or have a shorter warranty than this.
  • It’s durable because of the material that it is made from and manufactured well.
  • This grinder also grinds the herbs extremely well and the grinding action is reportedly effortless.
  • It has a large holding chamber too, which means you can grind a large amount of herbs without the collection chamber filling up too quickly.
  • For this grinder, there are multiple color options. You can order this in black or Rasta colored.


  • This grinder has been reportedly no good for kitchen spices.

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Product five: AfternoonDelight Five Piece Herb Grinder.


This herb grinder is a limited edition. It is made from high quality aluminium. It is designed with curved corners and has a deep containment chamber.

This is best used for grinding a lot of herbs or a large amount of herbs at once due to it having a large collection chamber.


  • The aluminium construction makes it durable.
  • The large collection chamber allows you to grind a large amount of herbs at once without having to keep emptying the chamber.
  • The magnetic lid is very strong compared to most other grinders and will stop the grinder from opening, even when it is completely tipped upside down. This will prevent herbs from spilling or the lid from falling and potentially breaking or cracking.
  • It has a removable wire-mesh kief catcher, which allows you to quickly and easily clean the grinder.
  • It has a built-in Gear Discipline that allows for a very smooth and easy grinding action that other brands do not offer.
  • The curved shape of the grinder allows you to scrape those extra pieces out, without the use of a guitar pick or a pocket knife to scrape out the left overs.
  • This product also comes with a lifetime warranty and a black carry bag which is ideal for travelling with the grinder and storing it too.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It’s limited edition so it’s not available forever.
  • It seems that there isn’t any other color options for this grinder e.g: black, this is only available in the champagne/gold color.

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To conclude, I feel as if a lot of these cheap weed grinders with kief catcher are very similar. In price, they range from between fifty to eighty dollars. They do not all offer a warranty however, it seems as if Space Case as a company do not provide warranties on their products from what it says on their amazon page. However, if they are good quality products like they claim to be, good quality products shouldn’t need a warranty. The rest do offer warranties, lifetime and a ten year warranty. They are also all crafted from the same material which is aluminium and are the same size, with the exception of the large version of the Space Case Grinder, which is an inch larger than the rest and is made from titanium. As far as if titanium is stronger than aluminium, it more than likely is more durable, but probably not worth the extra twenty or thirty dollars that you are going to pay for it. The Afternoondelight Grinder is not currently available for a long period of time as it is a limited edition, however the rest of the grinders mentioned in this article should be available permanently for the foreseeable future. Overall, I believe that all of these grinders are very capable of doing their job and doing it well, some maybe more than others. I can’t really recommend any specific one as it depends on your preference, your budget and if you travel often. Some of these grinders are cheaper and some are more suited for travel because of their size and weight. If you do want a decent grinder, then I do recommend any one of these that have been mentioned in this article.

Phoenician Grinder Review

A grinder speeds up the process of separating dry herbs and easily simplifies the need to conserve the herbs when finely grounded. There are different grinders on the market. This article provides the Phoenician grinder review.

When one is using their bare hands in pulling the herbs, the plant matter and the pollen tend to stick on the fingers. Using a grinder makes the process of packing in a rolling paper of tight bowl simple and easy, at the same time the herbs are exposed to less oxygen. This means that the herbs will burn less before one inhales increase the flow of air.

phoenician grinder review

A grinder gives the smoker more control over how smoothly or how quickly or even how slowly the herbs burn. A grinder also acts as a storage container for small quantities of dried herbs. There are a variety of grinders on the market, but nothing beats the Phoenician grinder.

Benefits of the Phoenician Grinder

A Phoenician grinder is one of the greatest investment that a frequent smoker can make. The Phoenician grinder is a unique grinder with inbuilt features and a more creative design, compared to the traditional grinders in the market.

The design is eye-catching yet sophisticated and is affordable. Below are some of the reasons the Phoenician is the best grinder that money can buy.

Top-Quality Material

Top-Quality Material

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The Phoenician is an American made product is made from aircraft grade aluminum that is tested to give top notch quality material. Most grinder manufacturers do not use the de-burn process, but it is prompt for the Phoenician engineers.

They put their grinders through a de-burn process which ensures that there is the removal of sharp flakes that tend to end up in the product later on. The de-burn not only is it used to remove sharp flakes, but also, to get expertly inspected to ensure that all shred are removed, making the product safe for human use.

The product also uses magnets that are used both by the elite model owned by the Phoenician grinder and the standard patterns in the market.

Unparalleled Design

Unparalleled Design

The Phoenician grinder is an innovative non- threaded closure system which is also known as locking notch closure system which requires the users to get to it. The closure system feature is an important part of the grinder since it is much easier to handle for users who have weak hand strength.

The closure system makes it easy for them to use. The outer part of the grinder has a knurl grip style which tolerates the ease to open the grinder when placing the herbs in the grinder and also when removing them. This is accommodative to marijuana patients that find it difficult using other grinders that exempt this feature.

Different designs and shapes of grinder come with different teeth design. For the Phoenician grinder, the teeth are sharp enough with curved blades both on the top and the bottom. This creates sort of a rotating scissors effect during the cutting action.

Another incredible feature of the Phoenician grinder is that the grinder removes about 50% of the grinder’s teeth to allow adequate room during the grinding process compared to an average grinder.

The reason behind this is that the chamber created reduces the friction of the herbs when grinding. Therefore, the grinder increases the strength while offering a smoother cut off the herbs. Since the teeth do not rub against each other, the grinder can last longer than most brands in the market.

The Phoenician grinders not only come with different designs and shapes but also in various colors. The products are fitted to suit your needs with value for money.

Superior Performance

The performance of the product is great to ensure the job is perfectly done. The grinders are well structured and designed for easy cuts and fine products. The design also allows nice and ease the grip of the grinder for ease during the grinding process.

The performance and the design of the product were well executed with the patients of the mind.

The pollen catcher

The Phoenician grinder has a stainless steel pollen catcher that is perfectly sized to the grinder and can be easily removed and replaced. This feature is only available in the Phoenician, grinder since other brands ignore this feature.

The pollen catcher is valuable since it helps conserve the leftovers in the grinder. The pollen catchers is a bowl-like design, which is fitted to help the user to remove easily and return it to its rightful place.

For hygiene purpose, one can choose to remove and replace it, or even give it a proper rinse when the screen gets gross.

Great Warranty

The Phoenician grinder ensures the fits grinder you buy, be the last you ever bought. It offers a lifetime warranty that covers all other functions apart from those of denting the outlook of the grinder or the over-scratching of the finish. All the other aspects of the grinder are fully covered with backing from the company.

Although the product comes with brilliant features that ensure the work is effectively done, the product has a few flaws that wouldn’t go unaddressed in this Phoenician grinder review. To begin with, the Phoenician grinder is a bit noisy and sounds “tinny” during the rotation process that gets the grinding of the herbs done.

However, this fault is understood due to the lighter weight material that is used to make it. This is bound to happen. Also, the price of the product may cause potential customers to overlook the product even thou it is effective.

On the flips side, this product assures the user of excellent performance, top notch design that is a must have the innovation to make the herbs grinding process more sophisticated for a budget friendly price.

Frequently Asked Questions

l Why is it more expensive than the other types of grinder?

Unlike most grinders, the Phoenician grinder is made from premium products. It lasts around three times longer than most of the other grinders.

l How long do the blades remain sharp?

The blades are premium military grade and should last for years even with frequent use. This is one of the benefits of the Phoenician grinder over other products.

l Can I replace the blades when they wear out?

Due to how long the grinder lasts the best recommendation is buying a new one. However, there are some replacement blades that one can buy to swap with those that are worn out.


  • Very solid build with strong structure
  • Very sharp teeth ensure that the buds are shred and not squished
  • Very large kief compartment
  • American build so helps in employment creation


  • Some kief builds up between the compartment
  • The ridges sometimes do not line up


The Phoenician grinder review has shown that there are available in different varieties and design and some of the available products in the market include the copper grinder, 24 karat gold plated Phoenician grinder, all with different features, performance, and design. This is truly one of the best grinders available on the market.


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3 Best Ways To Smoke Kief – Quick & Easy

Kief is the little precious stones on top of the marijuana bud and is ordinarily sprinkled on top of cannabis in dishes, bongs, blunts, and joints because of its high THC strength.

One thing that is sure about kief is that you will definitely find larger measures of THC in it, as compared to cannabis leaves in general. This is the essential reason that people like to smoke it.

Additionally, there are distinctive approaches to smoke it which will be indicated out in this correspondence. Something to reflect upon is that the best way to smoke kief is totally up to the individual user.

A seasoned smoker of kief more than likely has developed their own special habits. Keeping this in mind the subject of how to smoke kief depends on the new or old user’s preferences, influences, and degree of adventuresome experimentation.

Learn best way to smoke kief

Kief is to a great degree flexible and can be smoked in an assortment of ways. Contingent upon the amount you have gathered, kief can be smoked utilizing the joint technique, as a sandwich between the buds, through a pipe, or after pressing it into hash.

Below I have elaborated on the methods that have just mentioned.

Best Way to Smoke Kief ( How to smoke kief )

The Initial Suggestion – The Joint Technique

how to smoke kief

Get the best-reviewed grinder for kief

One of the most popular ways to gain the intense effect of smoking kief is the joint method. When you utilize this technique it is wise to be very careful because of the powder composition of the kief.

The ideal way is to combine the kief with the Canibus buds; this adds adhesion and you are not as likely to lose some of the powder. Actually, this is an ideal method, because the kief and buds form a bond and easily fit together when rolling up a joint.

The best procedure is to sandwich your kief between your buds and wrap it up in a paper. Climb another paper around the whole joint. It will even make it last longer by burning slower.

Kief Smoking – As a Sandwich Between The Buds In a Pipe

When using kief in combination with your buds, you should always pack a little herb first, then add kief in the middle, then pack more herb on top. Kind of like a kief sandwich!

This is most effective for smoking kief because kief vaporizes at a lower temperature and adding it to the top of your bowl will result in a lot of kief being wasted by the burn of the lighter.

Sandwiching it in your bowl will help it burn more effectively and will result in the most efficient use of your kief. Different individuals seem to use their imagination for different variations of this method, but basically, it’s the same sandwich process with different names.

The Traditional – Smoking Kief In A Pipe

Smoking Kief In A Pipe

With regards to smoking only kief in a pipe (Get reviews), this technique permits you to encounter the kief all alone. A prescribed strategy is to utilize a screen on top of a glass channel.

You can buy solid claim to fame titanium screens for smoking hash at all around supplied head shops, however, you can even utilize a standard stainless steel pipe screen without any issues.

Smoking kief in an appropriate size pipe is another famous approach to expanding your kief solo. In any case, it’s truly vital that you are watchful of the amount you utilize in light of the fact that it is a great deal more powerful than your buds.

So if your pipe is enormous, pack it conservatively. Likewise, kief figures out how to stay lit and smoldering in the pipe fundamentally until it’s blazed completely through, so continue puffing without end.

It doesn’t quit smoldering the same way that blooms do, so you’ll lose it in the event that you don’t focus.

Smoking – After Pressing The Kief Into Hash

The process of pressing the kief into hash requires a couple of things that are not hard to get.

Recorded underneath are a portion of the things that you require; leading you to require a tolerable measure of kief (dust), no less than 5g, which can be gathered utilizing an uncommon kief gathering weed processor which can be purchased at all great smoke shops.

Additionally, you will require a plastic cellophane wrapper from the end of a cigarette pack, a damp towel, and a hair straightener.

Next, basically, take after the simple strides beneath.

To start with – Turn on the hair straightener so that it heats up well.

Second – Take a cellophane wrapper and load with a few teaspoons of kief (contingent upon the amount you need to make).

Third – Burn the filled wrapper close utilizing a lighter. It ought to just take a brief moment. Do not overdo it.

Fourth – Wrap a damp towel around the cellophane baggie.

Fifth – Place the baggie secured in the damp towel into the hair straightener and press it to close tight. Give it a decent 10-20 minutes trying to check consistently so nothing smolders. Do not overdo this also.

Sixth – Take out the towel and baggie, toss the baggie on a level floor and squeeze it level. A suggestion would be to place it between two boards on the floor, then press it out with your feet.

Seventh – Now discard the plastic wrap covering and the process is complete. Freshly squeezed Kief into the hash, prepared for smoking.

In Conclusion

The best way to smoke kief and the most widely recognized uses for kief smoking is preferential, and you can do as such in whatever way you prefer.

Kief can be sprinkled on top of a pipe and bong as a topper or used in with a joint for an additional punch. It’s up to the user to decide how to smoke kief. In a pipe, you’ll have the capacity to light it once and control the burn until it’s gone.

In case you’re accelerating your usage in this manner, be mindful so as to spread it around equally since it burns at an alternate speed and can bring about a super buzz feeling if you are not careful.

How to Clean a Grinder

As long as you want your herbal grinder to last and get the best bang for your buck, you need to learn how to take care of it. There are several different types of herb crusher grinders in the market, some made of plastic, others metal. Your taste and budget will influence the kind of herb grinder you can get. But enough blubbering; here’s how to clean a grinder.

How to clean your grinder

The first clean

Cleaning and caring for a herb grinder takes a little more time and attention. Most herb crusher grinders are usually made of metal and can break down into several components, typically four. The first part in cleaning this type of grinder is disassembling it.

How to Clean a Grinder

Rub Isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing alcohol) on all separate parts before using, inserting a Q-Tip to clean all the hard-to-reach areas and crevices. Some people prefer simply dipping the components in alcohol to speed up the process. Clean the exterior surface using a paper towel.

Remember to tackle the grooves at the screw cap before rinsing with warm water. Set the tool aside to dry.

Note: Refrain from using Rubbing alcohol, boiling water or freezing if your four-piece grinder has an acrylic clear top lid or acrylic body. Acrylic parts should only be cleaned using soap and warm water.

Getting the slime out

There are numerous different ways you can clean a dirty grinder. However, freezing and boiling are the two most common ones. When using the freezing method, start by disassembling it first and then leave the loose components in a large freezer bag for about one hour. When you take out the freezer container, the herbal residue accumulated in the grinder will fall off by just tapping the pieces on a paper towel. Sweep out any remaining pieces using a toothbrush. You can also add rubbing alcohol to the toothbrush to clean the grinder thoroughly and then rinse with warm water.

Place all the parts in a large pot of boiling water, and then bring the water to a boil. Remove from heat and leave the pot for about ten minutes to cool before removing the grinder components with a pair of tongs. Wash using a toothbrush if necessary, and place outside to dry.

If you want to hang on to the green material still hugging the grinder, use a plastic object to scrape these pieces off (for instance using a guitar pick). Place a tray or cookie sheet below the grinder to catch the herbs. Wash with rubbing alcohol or hot soapy water, based on whether your grinder has any acrylic components and how dirty it is.

Cleaning the screen

You probably don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how to clean a grinder, but you need to pay particular attention to how to clean your grinder screen. This is especially because it is designed with a thin mesh of resonant wires. This means damaging or simply bending it would reduce your grinder to almost uselessness. Here is how you should tackle this part of the job:

First, remove the screen carefully and put it in a sink to clean off the dirt while washing. Pat one side of the screen with a few pinches of table salt or Epsom salt, and then apply a generous amount of rubbing alcohol to loosen the solid salt crystals.

Wipe your finger gently across the screen to allow the crystals to move through the membrane. This motion will create enough friction between the mesh and the solid crystals to loosen the tiny plant residues and pollens in the thin wires.

Turn the screen over and repeat the same process on the opposite side. Take about 2-3 minutes rubbing the screen on either side before rinsing with warm, running water until all the solid crystals are removed and dissolved. Finish by gently flicking your finger against the grinder screen to eliminate any streams of water in the mesh. Do this gently to avoid damaging the screen or leaving any dents. Use a clean towel to pat it dry, and then place it outside to air off completely.

Collecting the residue

Most people tend to let their herbal residue accumulate in the grinder to save for different purposes. If you are in this group of people, chances are your grinder is sticky most of the time. To preserve your resin, start by using the freezing method to remove as much plant residue as possible, and then transfer all the grinder pieces into a plastic bag.

Next, cover the pieces with a moderate sprinkle of rubbing alcohol. Be extra vigilant here, as applying too much rubbing alcohol can ruin your product. Get rid of the excess air, and then zip the bag. Shake until the alcohol becomes greenish-gold. Also, avoid over-soaking as this can also destroy your resin residue.

Next, look for a Pyrex container (for instance, a custard cup) to transfer all the liquid. Refrain from using ceramic because, once the alcohol dries, you will need to use a ceramic can chip and razor blade to scrape the product. You can also use a hair dryer to accelerate the drying process. Gather the dried residue using a piece of parchment paper. To turn the product into a blond hash, just fold over the paper and apply pressure for a couple of minutes (you can simply place a book over the top instead of holding the paper all this time). You can use the same technique for your vapes too.

Extending your grinder’s lifespan

In order to keep your grinder fit and in perfect working condition, you need to clean it on a regular basis. The tips explained above will make the overall cleaning process much easier. Make a point of cleaning the grinder whenever you notice some resistance; otherwise, you’ll be forcing your tool against the gunk that may eventually cause its damage.

The best part about cleaning a grinder is that your herb will taste a lot better, and your grinder will function more efficiently. While the quality of materials will play a significant role in determining how long your device will serve you, knowing how to clean a grinder will go a long way.

Space Case Grinder Review

People looking for the best space case grinder should peruse each and every space case grinder review in order to find something that is really going to treat their herbal blend right. This Space Case Grinder definitely fits the bill. This Space Case Grinder was designed to really give smokers the best possible finished product, while also making it that much easier for them to clean everything up when they’re finished. This big, sharp, and polished grinder is the product that smokers have been looking for ever since they started the hobby.

space case grinder review

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Benefits of the Space Case Grinder

This Space Case Grinder Is Larger Than Most

Given the large capacity of this product, it’s capable of grinding through and preparing a wide range of herbs all at once. As such, people are going to get lots of prepared herbal product quickly. The grinder is not large enough that storage or visibility is going to be a problem, but it is big enough to have a large capacity and to be relatively easy to clean.

Users Will Get the Perfect Herbal Product

Grinding herbs to make them perfect for vaporization and smoking is never an easy task for the people who don’t have the right equipment. After getting this Space Case 4 Piece Grinder, smokers are going to wonder how they ever managed to live without it. The consistency of the finished product is going to be perfect afterwards, and people are going to be able to get these results over and over again.

People aren’t going to get any of the metal into their herbs, which is a relatively common hazard when people use grinders like these. The titanium finish and the quality of the metal stops this from happening. The herbs aren’t going to get stuck in the grinding teeth either for the same reason, which is going to make the cleanup easier and which is going to stop more people from wasting any of their expensive herbs.

The Space Case Grinder has a wonderfully smooth grinding movement, so the device is not going to sustain as much wear and tear, and it is going to manage to grind the herbal product more effectively. People aren’t going to end up with herbs that look haphazardly chopped. They’re also going to get herbs that manage to stay fresh, with few problems related to odors or lost flavor.

Pollen often becomes a hazard in situations like this, but the Space Case Grinder is equipped with a small triangular pollen scraper. As such, people are going to have an easier time with the clean-up process, and their finished herbal product is going to be that much better in terms of quality.

People will get the best results if they’re grinding dry herbs, of course. People might find that the Space Case Grinder is harder to turn if the herbs are too fresh and too moist. However, most people are going to be dealing with dry herbs anyway, and this generally shouldn’t be much of a problem for most smokers. A little extra effort for the ground and fresh herbs might be worth it for a lot of people.

This Product Holds Together Well

Grinding is the sort of process that can sometimes damage the device, given the amount of shifting mechanical parts and everything else. Fortunately, this Space Case Titanium Grinder was designed to really hold itself together. The magnetic lid allows the device to stay much more stable than it would under other circumstances. People will find that the product screws together efficiently in the first place and that it manages to hold together well throughout the duration of the ownership process.

The smooth grinding movement creates much less wear and tear on the overall machine. The overall product is also going to last people for a long time, given its sharp grinding teeth and the fact that it needs much less cleaning than the majority of grinders on the market today. Products that need a lot of cleaning tend to suffer from more wear and tear in the long run, so a product that is easy to clean and doesn’t get all that messy in the first place is naturally going to have an advantage in terms of product longevity.


– Large size at 2 1/2″ tall and 3 1/2″ wide
– Has a triangle scraper that collects pollen
– The grinding teeth stay sharp
– High-quality aluminum composition
– Needs less cleaning than most grinders
– Stylish alloy black look
– Titanium coating strengthens the unit
– Smooth grinding movement
– Magnetic lid creates stability


– Costlier than some people would like
– Is harder to use with moist herbs

Check this video about space case grinder review


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this product made from titanium or aluminum?

A: The product is made from aluminum, which is good from a price standpoint. The product would cost thousands of dollars if it was made from titanium entirely. Having a titanium coating creates a situation where people get most of the advantages of the titanium without a lot of the potential problems.

Q: How do the dimensions compare to those of similar products?

A: Most other products like this are going to be much smaller, so this is definitely one of the largest grinders that people are going to find.


Almost any Space Case Grinder review is going to focus on how great the finished product is going to be when people choose to grind their herbs with a device like this one. They’re going to get herbs that are finely chopped, with all of the flavor intact and with no waste aluminum inside. Cleaning up after using the product is going to be a lot easier than it usually is with products like this one. People who have been frustrated for years by a lot of the grinders on the market can rest assured that this one is truly going to give them the results that they want each and every time. The fact that the Space Case Grinder is going to last much longer than many of the other products on the market is only going to improve the situation.

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Chromium Crusher Review

It is always wise to look for a quality grinder to help breakdown your tobacco or herbs into fine textured products. According to chromium crusher review, not all grinders are built equal and many will not be able to stand the test of time finally disappointing you.
If you are looking for a heavy duty and affordable solution then the Chromium crusher is the best choice for you. It is designed to crush for you different products (but not poppy seeds as they are too small and will go right through the grinding chamber) into fine and textured particles eliminating any stickiness on your fingers.
It is one of the most popular and inexpensive herb grinders which has been around for over a decade.

Chromium Crusher Review


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Chromium Crusher Review

Below are features you need to know about.


According to chromium crusher review, it is made from a combination of two metals creating a tough alloy that assures you of a high quality product that withstands the test of time. Chromium (heavy zinc alloy) is one of the metals that is used to make the product. The grinding chambers and the teeth are made of aluminum which is light and tough at the same time.
The body is made from a zinc alloy which makes it heavier and stronger providing the user with a more solid feeling. What you need to know is that the lid and the teeth are 2 separate items which have been welded together therefore it is not composed of a solid single piece which is common among other grinders.
The body has an anodized coating and comes in different colors making it appealing to different users. It has a plastic O-ring which assures the user of smooth operation while the magnets help to keep the grinding chamber closed. It is a four piece grinder which has a pollen screen for the keif catcher.


Unlike other herb grinders which have the typical diamond shaped teeth, the grinder has diamond like shape teeth which have 2 curved sides and 2 straight side opposite of each other. This design helps to produce a decent grind for smoking and vaping. It comes in a 4 piece design which is available in 3 styles. They include the standard, the mill handle and the Indian crusher.

a. Standard

It looks like any other herb grinder and comes in several colors. The teeth have varied diameters and heights.

b. Mill Handle

This is designed as a weed grinder which is fitted with a handle that is used to manually crank the grinder into action. It has a clear see through top which allows the user to take a look at what is happening inside. It comes in three colors and teeth with varied height and diameters.

c. Indian Crusher

This is manufactured from raw aluminum which is a strong material allowing it to provide the best service to the user. It is anodized to ensure its extra tough. Its lid and teeth are machined finished giving it a high quality finish. Its teeth are diamond shaped that allow for high quality grinding.

Limited Lifetime warranty

According to chromium crusher review, the producers have ensured that customers are well protected even though the product is of high quality and guarantees the user long time use. The manufacturers have provided a limited life time warranty which allows the user to have any replacement or repairs made of the product for free or at a very low cost.

Magnetic top

It comes with a magnetic top which helps to ensure that the top does not fall of easily. This helps to prevent any spill during usage. Overtime, many customers have indicated that the magnetic top is not very firm enough therefore you need to be careful when grinding. Since this is a non issue and does not compromise the structure or usage of the product, you can always turn it upside down when using.

Best Functionality

The heavy duty construction and the high quality finish does not make the crusher to be a good looking product. When it comes to functionality and toughness, it goes without saying that the crusher is the best. It is also inexpensive unlike other brands making it very affordable to all users.

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  • It is made with anodized aluminum which assures the user of a quality product
  • The zinc alloy is used for the outer covering. Thanks to its toughness, it gives the product a solid feeling
  • The teeth are not the typical diamond shaped teeth found on other grinders. This gives it a better edge than other grinders in the market. This helps to ensure that no snagging or catching occurs.
  • It is a 4 piece grinder which helps to produce a fine textured product
  • The product has a high quality finish which makes it attractive to look at.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It is disappointing that the magnetic top is not strong enough to hold onto the base. This makes the product susceptible to make spills during use.
  • There are many knock offs out there in the market therefore it is wise to buy a genuine product which should have the words Chromium Crusher printed on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. Is the Chromium grinder better than others in the market?

Yes, it is. I have used mine for the last 5 years and still works great. The teeth are still sharp and I have been using it to grind herbs for making healthy tea.

b. Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects you in case it gets damaged which is never.

c. Can it grind poppy seeds?

Well, it can’t since the seeds are too small and they will go right through the sieve. The good news is that it can still grind your herbs and tobacco well.

Final Verdict

The Chromium crusher is an inexpensive grinder which is suitable for use in grinding herbs and tobacco among others. The high quality anodized aluminum finish and the zinc alloy used give it a solid feeling and heavy duty strength.

According to chromium crusher review, the teeth are sharp and they stay that way for quite a long time which assures you of great service. The grinder is completely worth the money I spent on it (which I am glad I did) and I highly recommend it to others.

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Santa Cruz Shredder Review

This Santa Cruz Shredder review is to introduce you to the most durable and superior grinder on the market today. Santa Cruz brand of grinders are remarkably different, because their products remained the most recognizable in the industry. The company has produced different kinds of grinders such as two, three, four models of grinders; it appears that one of the best from the company is the Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Black 4 Piece Grinder with a Cali Crusher Pollen Press. The technology and the research behind this finest product cannot be matched anywhere. This means that if you are looking for the most durable, superior and the quality grinders on the market, you will see them in this great and revolutionary product.

santa cruz shredder review
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Features of Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Black 4 Piece Grinder with a Cali Crusher Pollen Press

The grinder has unique features, which set it apart from the rest of the products on the market. You will not find it hard to discover some of its features, and here are some of them:

Quality design

When you use the grinder, you will observe engineering at its peak. It is obvious that it is fitted with the finest materials available in the industry. This product utilized technology at its highest level. You can notice this from its height and diameter, which is put at 2 2/8 inches. The size is good enough for everyday use. It is fitted with seven catch threads. This is unique, because it automatically prevents cross threading, you cannot find this feature in several other products. This is innovation at its peak. It is the most durable grinder. It is obvious that it was produced for the comfort of every user. Although it was built with the most durable items, it is lightweight, and that is because it was produced using anodized aluminum. The grinder was designed for the comfort of every user. It is certain that Santa Cruz did a lot of research to come up with such a design that is perfect for all types of users.

Tooth design

Another great feature you are going to discover in this Santa Cruz is its tooth design. As you can see above, the grinder has seven catch threads. This is great because it automatically stops cross threading. You can notice the sharp differences between this great product from others on the market. Santa Cruz has actually revolutionized the industry by departing from the sharp edge tooth technology to the shed and dull tooth technology, which makes for better and superior smoking mixture. The teeth were designed in such a way that everything would be well grounded.

Grinder grip

It was specifically designed for an easy and deep knurled grip. You can never find this unique grip pattern elsewhere. This grip pattern is great, because it makes it easier for the grinder to be twisted. It was designed for knurled grip to make it easy for anybody who wants to grip it better. Santa Cruz clearly understands the needs of every user. Some users could suffer from degenerative diseases such that they cannot grip grinders very well. This grinder is designed for such people. They can use the grinder even when they have lost their motor function. This is the only grinder that can do that job for you.

Highest quality screen

Santa Cruz knows what users need and that is why they will always research the market before they make their products. Marijuana enthusiasts know the difference Santa Cruz products make the grinder market. The company ensures that grinders come with kief screen. This is the type of grinder that delivers the best smoking experience, which users need. They use the most innovative technology in designing their screens, and if you use it, you are sure of getting the best result. Their screens are composed of stainless materials, which is presently the best that you can get from the market. The opening is unique; it was designed to provide the purest as well as the finest crystals that you can get from a grinder.


One thing people try to avoid when they use grinder is the toxic substances that accompany it and that is why raw aluminum is not the best raw materials for the design of the product. Toxic that comes out of it is not good for human consumption. Santa Cruz grinders are free from every type of toxic materials. This is because they ensure that contaminants are not allowed into the system. They adopted a very strong cleaning solution, as well as high frequency sound to eliminate contaminants. This is not the case with several other products out there. When you use Santa Cruz grinders, especially the one we are reviewing here, you are sure that it is not contaminated. Its products are highly sanitized.

No scratching

Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Black 4 Piece Grinder with a Cali Crusher® Pollen Press is a superior scratch resistant product. This is because of its deep black anodized coating. This ensures that it does not scratch or wear. This is why the product is regarded as a premium grinder. You can notice that many other products on the market do not possess this quality. It is similar those superior technology coating found in different cookware products. This ensures that it does not scratch and this makes it to last for a very long time. It will always look neat every time you want to use this revolutionary product.

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The Pros of Santa Cruz Shredder

You can derive many benefits from using this great product. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It is scratch resistant
  • It is durable and lightweight
  • It has the best teeth design and does not cross thread
  • It has knurled grip design for twist grinding
  • It is simple and easy to use

The Cons of Santa Cruz Shredder

  • It is very expensive
  • Many users complained about the screen

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Final Words

It is obvious that Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Black 4 Piece Grinder with a Cali Crusher® Pollen Press is the most innovative grinder on the market today. It is obvious from the Santa Cruz Shredder review that it was produced from the finest raw materials in the industry.

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Sharpstone Grinder Review

It’s not uncommon for people who enjoy cooking to look for the best types of ingredients to include their meals. Since these aspiring chefs like to make sure the flavor of the food is pleasing, they like to buy everything fresh including the spices, fruits and vegetables that they use to dress up and season their dishes. Therefore, instead of always going to their local grocery store to pick up several items, they may prefer to have fresh things on hand that they cook with. In order for these cooks to prepare the best, they usually also prefer to buy the top kitchen appliances, utensils and gadgets in the industry. One of which that people can take advantage of today is the Sharpstone Herb Grinder Clear Top and a Cali Press. With the Sharpstone Herb Grinder Clear Top and a Call Press, these cooks can prepare the freshest dishes for the people that they are cooking for, especially since they will have the gadgets that they need to grind up fresh spices. Therefore, for those people who are interested in what this type grinder offers and what it can actually do, here’s a brief description of its features, information provided by consumers who have tried it, the pros and cons associated with the sharpstone grinder review and some final thoughts on its overall effectiveness.

sharpstone grinder review

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Feature of the Sharpstone Herb Grinder Top and a Call Press

– The Sharpstone herb grinder comes with a four piece clear top grinder. screen and a Cali Crusher Press
– It is made of aluminum (i.e heavy duty aircraft grade billet)
– Comes with a Cali Crusher brand press, a scraper and a pouch
– Width is 2.2 inches wide.
– Grinder is available in Black

Best for

According to consumer reviews this herb grinder is highly rated since it more than accomplishes the jobs effectively that cooks need to be done. People from all over have weighed in, and the consensus is, its a good buy that others should take advantage of. This is because its overall design is considered to be well constructed so its looks like it will last forever. It is also a great improvement over others in the industry because it actually performs the way that the manufacturers have advertised. For instance, many consumers enjoy using it for grinding up their spices because they can watch it while in use. Therefore, everyone can actually see how its grinding the spices into the size and consistency that’s required.

To that end, this product is best for its multiple uses, which means the user can grind all of the spices that they need in order to make a meal. Also, when it is required, the user can use the crusher presser that is included when they want to include ingredients like fresh garlic too. Regardless to the need, this multiple purpose gadget can make it easy to prepare dishes in a fraction of the time. Also, in some cases, people have used it to grind up their tobacco so that they can get it really fine. Therefore, its not uncommon for users to find other reasons and purposes to use this gadget in their homes.

Most people like to the portability of taking their appliances, utensils and other gadgets with them when they are moving around from place to place. It does not matter if they are preparing a dish at a friends home or contributing to a big feast at a family gathering, most people like to carry these items with them wherever they want to go. Fortunately, this lightweight multiple purpose sharpstone 4 piece grinder meets and exceeds these requirements. So, it also being highly recommended to those who have the same or similar needs.

Check this short video about sharpstone grinder review


The Pros of Sharpstone Herb Grinder

As with any type of new or existing product, buyers can expect both advantages and disadvantages that everyone would like to know in advance. Fortunately, because this grinder has received a lot of positive reviews and comments, there’s numerous pros that can be considered when making this purchase and they are as follows:

  • Grinder works well and as it has been advertised so many consumers are recommending it to others who want a great product at a great buy.
  • Works like a charm so it is easy for any user to operate.
  • Clear feature allows user to see the spices as they grind so that they know the consistency before it is complete Because some people have had the device and have used it over 2 years, they can attest to the durability of the device for others who are interested in knowing. Also, some customers have said that they have dropped it numerous times without it sustaining any damage. Therefore, it has been designed well so that it can stand up under extraneous conditions.
  • Multi-purpose device that allows the user to perform several functions when making meals
  • Works quickly since it functions like a hot knife that is going through butter

The Cons of Sharpstone Herb Grinder

  • Some consumers are saying that the item arrived on time after it was sent from the manufacturer. However, they only had it in their possession a few days before the clear top window cracked.
  • The magnet that has been designed to hold the top down has a gap in it because it does not touch the other magnet. Therefore,the top will fall off whenever it is being held upside down. This means some people are very disappointed in this product because of the damage that has been sustained.
  • Grinder stopped working after first use
  • Quality week because the teeth are bent.

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Final Words

Overall, the response for this product has been very good. Seasoned and aspiring cooks alike are agreeing that it is a great buy for the price that people are paying. Its excellent for grinding fresh spices for all kinds of different meals. Also, many people have had good experiences with the quality because of the sturdy materials and designs and they are being reported in the sharpstone grinder review. However, it is important to note that there are cons too since some people have experienced a few drawbacks to making this purchase.

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What is Kief, What to Do with It and How to Make Hash from It

What is Kief? When it comes to kief, many don’t know what it is. Then, there are people who do, but don’t know what to do with it. Well, in this explanation of kief, you will learn how to utilize it, and understand where it comes from.

Kief Grinder on Amazon

What is Kief

The word kief itself is derived from the Arabic word kayf. This means well-being or pleasure. You will learn why in the next few sentences. The marijuana plant must reach maturity for its growth cycle trichomes to be formed. These are formed on the leaves and buds of the plant and once formed, they are what you will now know as the kief. This will probably be good news to you, as this is where most of the THC is located. It is concentrated into this area of the plant, and has the highest levels of THC than in any other section. So, this being the area where most THC is located, it is highly valued by it’s audience and that leaves them to be able to utilize without damaging it.

What is Kief, What to do with Kief and How to make hash from Kief
Get the best reviewed grinder for kief on Amazon

What to Do with Kief

Making Hash

Now that we’ve covered what kief essentially is, it is time to talk about utilizing it. You will need a good amount of it for it to be of good use to you. Once you do have enough to benefit, you can explore multiple options. An individual can smoke the kief in its present state with a pipe or bong mixed in with natural marijuana. Hash itself though is just the process of making kief compressed as it can be difficult to smoke without this compression or may not burn as long without being compressed. Heat is also used to bind the kief material. The other ways of use can also be applied to THC brownies. This is a common favorite of smokers and kief can make these brownies that much more pleasurable. THC can be placed in butter or oil, this being used in the brownie, but any recipe that involves butter or oil can be infused with the kief benefit.

When it comes to arranging amounts of kief, it is important as this will be the main ingredient that enhances the overall quality. You will need a good amount for this, so many have larger quantities for multiple uses. Many have larger amounts of kief for medical reasons. For recreational purposes, users can also use a 4 piece grinder, and still gain much benefit as long as it is done correctly. The kief can easily be obtained this way, as it will fall through the screen. Be sure to obtain enough, and handle with care. The looser kief, or shredded kief still offers a great effect for users, but when kief is more concentrated, it offers more benefits. We will discuss this in the next paragraph. For now, when kief is grinded, the best way to utilize it is to sprinkle it on the cannabis. Users can choose to smoke or vaporize it with the proper equipment. Pressed kief can be kept and saved better. This is the process of making hash. This can benefit any smoker, but it would truly benefit those who use this for medical purposes as it can be stored for later. Now, we are going to learn how to make hash from Kief.

Kief Grinder on Amazon

How to Make Hash from Kief

Now we get to the hash, the moment you’ve been waiting for. How is hash made from kief. Most will agree that the best way to utilize the kief is by pressing it into a hash form. When hash is pressed it makes it more potent. This may look like a ball. There is a multitude of ways to do this for the user. Many who want to do this know about the great reviews and want to understand the easiest way possible to make hash. The absolute simplest and cheapest way is to roll it up in a ball, using your hands as the compression factor. This is also considered the messiest way, but cheap comes with its inconveniences. By taking a piece of wax paper about 20 inches long, put the kief in the center, and then fold it in half. You will need an iron. Once you have it, turn it on to the lowest setting. Now, put a T-shirt or thin towel over the wax paper. Simply apply pressure with the iron for about 30 seconds. If an iron isn’t available to you, you can simply try to press all the kief together. This method just brings better results at basically no cost compared to other methods.


So, there it is. It is a simple process that can yield great results. Learning what to do with kief is easy and effective for emergency use. It can be used in different ways, but for one thing, many are happy with kief.

Best Espresso Machine Under 200 Dollars

Because espressos carry a level of strength and flavor that coffees can’t match, finding the right espresso machine is imperative, as you’ll likely find yourself unable to cover up the taste of a poorly-made espresso through the use of sugar and cream. To give the following reviews some context and a level of understanding for the reader, let’s first take a look at what makes a good espresso machine a good espresso machine, then learn how to pick the best espresso machine under 200 dollars in terms of what meets your needs.best espresso machine under 200

Factors To Consider When Buying An Espresso Machine

1. Know What You’re Willing to Spend on an Espresso. For some, a five-dollar espresso is not a good espresso. If drinking your new brew means hours of guilt afterwards, why bother? If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in espresso-related machinery, a nice automatic espresso maker will give you everything you’re looking for and then some. If; however, you’re looking to save money, a manual machine can produce an equally great drink, so long as you’re willing to work for it.

2. What drinks do you plan on making? If you regularly have company over that hates espresso but loves other caffeinated beverages, you can likely find a hybrid model which can make several different types of drinks through a variety of different functions and settings.

3. You must also consider whether or not any given espresso maker is easy to clean. This isn’t just a matter of cleanliness, but of making the perfect brew. An unclean machine can lead to a pretty raunchy finished product. If you know a hard-to-clean espresso machine will leave you cleaning it once a month, you’re probably better off sticking with instant coffee as it will likely taste better than an espresso from a dirty machine.

4. Does it come with a grinder? While some espresso mixes can be had which needn’t be ground up before use, fresh, whole coffee beans are generally seen as being vastly superior to their already-ground counterparts. If you’re already putting money down on an espresso machine, it just doesn’t make sense not to have a grinder. If the machine you pick doesn’t have one included, you’ll need to buy one separately, increasing the cost of your espresso equipment and the amount of time you spend shopping and sifting through products.

As you can see, some of what makes an espresso machine good is heavily dependent upon any potential customer’s preference. With that out of the way, let’s take a quick look at ten different units, complete with what makes them great and who they’re best suited toward, so that you may decide which one best suits your needs.

Best Espresso Machine Under 200 Dollars

The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte SystemA well known brand among all coffee-drinking households, Keurig is known for being the company to go to when you want an amazing coffee without putting work or time into making it. Recently, the minds behind Keurig have broadened their horizons by stepping into the multi-purpose coffee market. The Keurig Revo works for espresso, cappuccino and lattes on one side while simultaneously frothing milk on the other side.

Who Is It Best Suited Toward?

This particular product would be best suited toward those living in a large household or those who have a variety of friends and family over regularly, each with their own taste. With the ability to brew three different types of drinks with one machine, you’ll be sure to meet everyone’s needs with ease.


An all-in-one machine, you’ll likely be able to replace (or refrain from buying) several different pieces of coffee-related equipment, saving you time, money and space. The unit itself is very easy to use, giving you consistently great beverages without having to worry about messing the process up in any way.


If you only plan on brewing one of the beverages the Keurig Rivo advertises itself as being capable of brewing, you’ll likely be paying for features you’ll never use. While it can still make a great espresso, there’s simply no need to throw away your money when another espresso machine can be had of the same quality for a lower price.

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Cuisinart DCC-2650 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Cuisinart DCC-2650 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable CoffeemakerA frugal alternative to those who want a nice drink in the morning without paying for fancy features, this Cuisinart model can be had for under one hundred dollars and gets the job done just fine. It isn’t an all-in-one type of machine, nor will it impress friends and family. What it will do; however, is make a great cup of coffee at a relatively low price.

Who Is It Best Suited Toward?

This product is best for those of the frugal variety. I won’t call it cheap, as it certainly does not sacrifice on quality, though I will say that it’s very easy on the wallet in relation to other products of its type. If you don’t mind frothing your milk manually, this unit will work just fine and make the perfect cup every time. Just be prepared to put a bit more work into said perfect cup.


– A low price and small amount of bonus features makes it great both for those unwilling to spend a large amount of time figuring out how to work their new machine and those who would rather not put down any significant amount of money on any coffee-related equipment.

– Despite said low price and lack of bonus features, you’ll find it’s still capable of brewing the perfect beverage.


– Those looking for a variety of advanced, automated features will be disappointed.

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Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System

Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing SystemThe Keurig K45 is advertised as being the machine for those who want their coffee done right the first time without any sort of effort or time needing to be invested in the process. As I’m sure you’re already aware, the Keurig K45 is compatible with single cups of coffee grinds which one simply sticks into the unit, making the brewing process a piece of cake.

Who Is It Best Suited Toward?

If making coffee first thing in the morning is a pain or just seems to impede your ability to get out the door on time, the K45 is definitely the model for you. All that is required is to place a coffee cup into the machine to have it do the rest of the work for you. Of coarse, if you’re looking for something that froths your milk for you or comes with a grinder, you may want to look elsewhere.


– Ease of use makes the Keurig K45 great for those who would rather not spend any significant amount of time preparing their morning elixir.

– Keurig gives users the choice between many different cups and settings, allowing you to brew anything from steaming hot coffee to iced tea.


– The Keurig cups required to actually make coffee with your new coffee maker are rather expensive. While the coffee maker itself may not seem too, too expensive, the costs associated with actually operating and using it are quite high and can be rather bothersome to some.

– If you don’t like Keurig’s coffee, you’ll still be stuck drinking it.

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Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Nespresso Inissia Espresso MakerThe Inissia is Nespresso’s answer to the Keurig coffee maker. Owners of the machine are required to purchase proprietary capsules of coffee unique to the Nespresso brand. Similar to Keurigs, this makes the process of making your espresso easy, making it extra appealing to those who hate messing around with their espresso maker first thing in the morning.

Who Is It Best Suited Toward?

If you don’t mind paying a fairly large price for every espresso you make in your new espresso machine, the Inissia will likely suit your needs perfectly. You’ll be able to brew a great cup after under a single minute of setup time. While it’s expensive and can only brew a single cup at a time, it’s great for those who just want a quick start to their day every morning without all of the fuss.


– Due to the espresso machine doing all of the work, you’ll never need to worry about espressos coming out inconsistent or with varying degrees of quality.

– Assuming you brew the same beans every time, you’ll get the exact same drink over and over again.

– The Inissia’s ability to do all of the work for you also means you’ll save time brewing beverages, which is an added benefit we can all appreciate to some degree or another.


– Like the Keurig, actually using this espresso machine will prove rather expensive in the long run. Because it is only compatible with Nespresso’s capsules, and because said capsules are very high in price relative to other coffee beans, you may very well find yourself going way above your monthly allotted coffee budget.

– You’ll be limited in the coffee you buy, as most brands aren’t compatible with the Inissia.

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De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Customer Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino MakerThe De’Longhi is advertised as being one of the best espresso and cappuccino machines out there for those looking for a great bargain without skimping on the quality of the drinks produced by their new machine. Like the Inissia and Keurigs we’ve covered up until this point, De’Longhi makes pods which you’ll be able to use in conjunction with your new espresso machine for the sake of convenience. Unlike the above; however, you’ll find that you’ll be able to use the “loose” coffee of your choosing if the pods are just too expensive or too limiting.

Who Is It Best Suited Toward?

If you’re looking for something that froths your milk for you or comes with other fancy features, you’ll definitely want to keep shopping. Otherwise, you’ll find this espresso machine to be about as good as it gets. In fact, I’d recommend this to nearly anyone in the market for a new espresso machine.


– You can use coffee pods to save you time in the morning by letting the machine take care of the measuring, etc.

– If the above option just seems a tad too expensive for your taste, that’s fine; you’ll have the ability to use any coffee you’d like, as the De’Longhi doesn’t limit you to buying coffee from them specifically, allowing you to use your new espresso machine in any way you’d like.


– It doesn’t come with any sort of grinder, milk frother or anything else that reeks of class and quality. If you’re looking to impress friends and family with your next espresso machine purchase, you may want to look elsewhere.

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Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Electric Titan

Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Electric TitanOne of the more expensive items on this list, the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker is praised for its ease of use, quick preheating time and variety of programmable options. It’s certainly one of the most high end espresso machines within its price range and is sure to give potential customers a sense of value and a good cup of espresso.

Who Is It Best Suited Toward?

The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker is king when it comes to convenience revolving around making espresso. Not only is it compatible with Nespresso coffee capsules, it heats up at an astounding rate, reaching its full heat in as little as thirty seconds. If you want a great cup of espresso without any of the hassle and don’t mind paying a pretty penny for the luxury, look no further than the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker.


– In terms of convenience alone, it doesn’t get much better than the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker.

– Through its use of coffee capsules coupled with its ridiculously quick heating time, you’ll get the perfect cup of espresso in seconds, making it great for those always in a rush.


– As with other Nespresso products, you’ll be confined to using the coffee they themselves make. If you find that your tastes don’t exactly align with what they have to offer, you’ll end up being stuck drinking an espresso that you simply don’t like.

– The capsules are also expensive, costing you more money in the long run.

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Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker
with Automatic Milk Frother

Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker with Automatic Milk FrotherThe Barista Espresso Maker is one of those espresso machines that just does everything. It comes with both an espresso maker and a milk frother, letting you take care of the entire process of espresso-making with a single machine. It comes at a somewhat high price, though certainly delivers on quality, giving you an excellent cost-to-quality ratio.

Who Is It Best Suited Toward?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one espresso machine and don’t mind paying a little extra for it, the Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker is certain to suit your needs. Because of its separate milk frother and espresso maker, you’ll have more control over your finished product, making it great for those particular about their espresso.


– When it comes to customizing your espresso to your liking, the Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker is about as good as it gets.

– While the actual espresso it produces stays consistent assuming you use the same coffee beans to produce it, the ability to froth your milk and to choose exactly what beans you use to brew your espresso makes it great for brewing espressos to your liking.


– If you’re looking for a quick espresso first thing in the morning, this isn’t it.

– You’ll typically need to put some degree of work into the making of your beverage, making it undesirable for a large portion of potential customers in the market.

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Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker

Customer Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso MakerIf it’s something durable and consistent you’re looking for, look no further. The Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker is known for being easy to clean, easy to maintain and having a low amount of any sort of functional issues. It produces the exact same quality of brew every time.

Who Is It Best Suited Toward?

This unit is best for those with a set-it-and-forget-it type of attitude. Cleaning is easy, maintenance is low and making your espresso isn’t much of an ordeal either. If you want to set it and forget it, look no further than this espresso machine.


– The Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker is rather easy to use, making it great for those who want a quick drink in the morning, though don’t feel like paying for a product which requires the use of coffee pods at a very high price.

– Couple that with its stainless steel design, and you’ll find you’ll very rarely find yourself cleaning it.


– Its biggest downside is its cost. While I won’t say that there isn’t anybody out there who would find the Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker worth the money, the overall value just isn’t that great. For an espresso machine as costly as this one, I’d like to see some more advanced features.

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Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic CoffeemakerThis particular model is easily one of the very best (if not the best) of its type within its price range. With a gigantic grinder built into the top of the unit, you’ll find grinding up huge amounts of beans to be a rather easy ordeal. This also means you’ll have less mess to clean up, as you won’t be transferring coffee from your grinder to your maker anymore.

Who Is It Best Suited Toward?

If you’re looking for a great value, this is it. Considering the overall level of the machine’s quality and the great grinder built into it, you’re definitely getting more than you paid for. While it’s value is great, those looking for very advanced features in an espresso machine might want to keep shopping around.


– A built-in grinder reduces mess, saves a little extra space on your kitchen counter and even saves you a bit of extra cash if you haven’t already bought a grinder.

– This is a great choice for the frugal who’d like the financial benefit of buying a semi-multipurpose machine.


– There are no advanced features inherent in this unit other than the built-in grinder. It certainly won’t impress your friends.

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Keurig Elite K40 Single Serve Coffeemaker Brewing System

Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Keurig Elite K40 Single Serve Coffeemaker Brewing SystemThe K40 is one of Keurig’s most modest models in terms of both looks and features. As I’m sure you can already guess, it is only compatible with coffee pods, which can be good or bad depending on your particular preference.

Who Is It Best Suited Toward?

if you like what Keurig is all about but don’t find yourself in need of some of the more high-tech features found in many of its other products, the K40 is a fair compromise, allowing you use the infamous coffee pods without paying for extra features you don’t plan on using.


– Relative to its overall price, the K40 is one of the best when it comes to ease of use. A large variety of other units which are compatible with pods typically come at a much higher price.


– As always, being unable to use loose coffee will likely cost you a fair sum of money in the long run through needing to purchase very expensive coffee in order to use your new machine in the first place.

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Best Espresso Machine Under 200 Dollars – Comparison Chart

Based on a criteria of ease of use, value and quality, here are the final ratings for the above ten espresso machines in order from highest to lowest.


Name Value Convenience Maintenance Costs
De’Longhi EC155 15 5 4.5 5
Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind-and-Brew 4.5 4 5
Keurig Elite K40 4.5 5 1
Keurig Revo 4.5 5 1
Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista 4.5 4 4
Cuisinart DCC-2650 Brew Central 4 3 5
Breville ESP8XL 4 3 5
Nespresso Pixie 3.5 5 2
Keurig K45 3.5 5 1
Nespresso Inissia 3.5 5 2



Before you leave, I’d like to make the point that whether or not an espresso maker is good is heavily dependent upon user preference. Sure, I gave the De’Longhi the highest rating possible because I feel it can’t be topped in terms of how many people would find it useful, though you may very well not like it at all. At the beginning of the article, I briefly touched base on things to look for and factors to consider when looking at an espresso maker. These still stand. While I would recommend taking a look at the De’Longhi before the Nespresso Inissia, it’s important to decide which one will best fit your household. All in all; however, the De’Longhi is easily the best espresso machine under 200 dollars.