9 Reasons to Never Buy an Acrylic Grinder


An acrylic herb grinder is just not as good as a metal herb grinder. People can’t think of these different grinders as being interchangeable. An acrylic grinder might seem like a solid alternative to some of the other grinders on the market, but this is just not the case in practice for a number of reasons.


Acrylic grinders don’t last for very long.

For a lot of people, durability is still one of the most important grinder characteristics. In that way, acrylic grinders are some of the worst. The teeth of the grinder will break easily.


Parts of the acrylic grinders could damage the product.

People who own acrylic grinders often learn the hard way that they don’t last for very long. What’s even worse is that they might contaminate the product itself. When teeth fall into the product, some of the chemicals might run off, and otherwise, ruin everything people tried to grind in the first place.

acrylic grinders

Acrylic grinders tend to reflect poor craftsmanship.

Most people will find that acrylic grinders were made quickly and ineffectively. Their poor build quality tends to be evident the moment that people look at them, and it’s even more obvious when people start to use them.


Acrylic grinders will usually not be built with a pollen chamber.

A pollen chamber can really allow people to use their herb reserves properly. It’s possible to actually smoke the pollen after rolling it in a joint. For a lot of people, this will help with the conservation of the herb itself and the budget for it. Not having a pollen chamber will seem like a waste.


The product will not be ground correctly.

Having an evenly ground herbal product means a lot to many people, and it will certainly have a strong effect on the finished quality of the product. If people don’t get a grinder that has high-quality enough teeth, they’re not going to get a solid finished product like this.


Acrylic grinders are less popular among seasoned enthusiasts.

If something is only liked by the younger members of any community, this tends to be a bad sign. Only younger users tend to like acrylic grinders. This is largely a function of the fact that these people have less experience, and that means that experienced people can ignore acrylic grinders.


Acrylic grinders have no advantages over their metal counterparts.

When people are thinking about getting acrylic grinders, they should ask themselves why it’s even a good idea to consider acrylic grinders when metal grinders are available. It can easily seem like these acrylic grinders fail to really make a case for themselves.


Acrylic grinders tend to broadcast fumes.

The plastic fumes from acrylic grinders will contaminate the herbal product in a whole new way, often making it significantly more toxic in the process.


Many acrylic grinders will suddenly break altogether.

For a lot of people, the acrylic grinders that seem so convenient at first will more or less become jammed at the worst possible moment. This can cause them to break in a way that cannot be fixed.






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